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A Young Boy Must Feed One Terrifying Creature in the Creepy New Trailer for Antlers

Get ready: This Guillermo del Toro-produced flick promises a supernatural bloodbath.

antlers official trailer
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After a maddening teaser dropped in August, the official trailer for Antlers has finally arrived, and we couldn’t be more creeped out—and ready to see what the upcoming supernatural body horror movie is all about. Antlers is based on a short story written by Nick Antosca originally published in Guernica magazine. Antosca—whose creepy bona fides include creating the horror anthology series Channel Zero, Hulu's Gypsy Rose Blanchard crime drama The Act, and co-producing episodes of Hannibal—wrote the screenplay along with C. Henry Chaisson and Scott Cooper. Cooper serves as director. They’re joined by producer Guillermo del Toro, the wondrous mind behind Hellboy, Crimson Peak, The Devil’s Backbone, and many more, who applies his signature dark magic to create a dread-infused supernatural horror movie with a twist.

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Though Antler’s trailer is less than two minutes in length and contains no dialogue, the chilling imagery and menacing soundtrack speaks for itself. The story revolves around a young boy (portrayed by Jeremy T. Thomas) in small-town Oregon, who brings the carcasses of small animals to an insatiable human-like monster—who may or may not be his own father. When the creature escapes from the room that the boy bolts shut every night, various other townspeople become involved, including a concerned teacher (Keri Russell) and her sheriff brother (Jesse Plemons). 

The sheriff’s desperate investigation yields signs of a sinister creature stalking Oregon’s woods—the only question is, what the hell is it? The trailer keeps us in the dark about this creature’s origins, and we’re left wondering whether it traces back to classic werewolf or shapeshifter mythology, or if the folks behind Antlers have dreamed up an entirely new beast to haunt our nightmares.

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Antlers will arrive in theaters on April 17, 2020. In the meantime, you can find us rewatching the trailer over and over again to try to get to the bottom of this chilling mystery. We invite you to do the same—but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Featured still from "Antlers" via Fox Searchlight Pictures