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9 Scary Movies to Stream This Halloween

Trick or treat, these flicks aren’t sweet, watch them now or you’ll be dead meat.


Halloween’s barreling toward us faster than the headless horseman on a midnight ride. So get in the spirit with a movie marathon featuring maniacs, monsters, and manslaughter, oh my. And since scrolling through endless titles can be maddening, just go with our suggestions for the top three chillers from each of the streaming-platform biggies—you know, so you don’t lose your head.

1. Rosemary's Baby 

Rosemary's Baby Poster
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  • Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Adapted from Ira Levin’s bestseller, Roman Polanski’s cult classic tells of a woman who may or may not be carrying the devil’s spawn. The film lingers long after the credits roll—just like the eerie lullaby Mia Farrow hums over the opening credits.

2. The Others

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  • Photo Credit: Still from "The Others" via Dimension Films

Nicole Kidman takes the lead as a mother who’s trying to protect her photosensitive children from the ghosts haunting their gloomy home. Writer/director Alejandro Amenábar delivers scares as chilling as the creaky old Victorian mansion in which this historical period horror is set.

3. Starry Eyes

really scary movies
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  • Photo Credit: Dark Sky Films

A prime example of the dark corridors modern horror is traveling down these days, Starry Eyes is about a borderline psychotic actress who will do anything to get her face on the big screen. It’s going to be the freakiest, most original horror film you’ve seen since Martyrs.

4. Candyman 

scary movies to watch candyman

Despite his moniker, the towering hooked phantom in Bernard Rose’s ‘90s urban legend-inspired film is anything but sweet. Except when it comes to Helen (Virginia Madsen), the grad student who conjures him from the dead all in the name of research.

5. The Descent 

scary movies to watch the descent

By far one of the scariest movies of the horror genre, Neil Marshall’s multilayered spelunking nightmare hits every type of fear—including physical, psychological, and irrational. Claustrophobia is the least of these ladies’ worries once they come face to face with cadaveric cave dwellers.

6. The Collector 

scary movies to watch the collector

A welcome surprise, Marcus Dunstan’s home-invasion horror about a botched robbery is like Home Alone for torture porn fiends. When Arkin heads to the Chase family home to ransack their safe, he finds himself in the center of several sadistic booby traps put in place by one crafty criminal.

7. American Psycho 

scary movies to watch american psycho

Since it’s a popular analogy, we’ll join in: What Jaws did for the water, American Psycho does for yuppie New Yorkers who listen to too much ‘90s rock. About an axe-happy lunatic in a designer three-piece, Mary Herron’s psychological thriller, based on the bestseller by Bret Easton Ellis, is still killer.

8. Ju-on

scary movies to watch Ju-on

It’s the J-horror that launched a thousand sequels in its own country and an obsessive phenomenon stateside. Japanese director Takashi Shimizu’s supernatural horror follows a pair of vengeful spirits holed up in a cursed abode in Nerima, Tokyo, as they increase their death toll.

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9. Spring 

scary movies to watch spring
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  • Photo Credit: XYZ Films

When we say that the leading lady in this shoestring-budget indie is one of a kind, we’re not kidding. Romance is blooming between Evan and Louise—and so is her, um, condition. Without giving too much away, just think Before Sunrise with a primordial bite.