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9 Freaky Movies to Stream This November

Gather the family for a cinematic cornucopia stuffed with conspiracy theories, crooked cops, and creepy crawlies.


So many movies, so little time. Lucky for you, we’ve foraged through the filler to bring you the best of what’s streaming in November. Herewith, nine flicks to pair with the inevitable food coma soon to plague your gastrointestinal tract this month.



1. The Midnight Swim
Available November 3

Ghosts, missing person, swimming. Sounds a little What Lies Beneath, huh? Except Sarah Adina Smith’s ghost story skews way more indie than Robert Zemeckis’s star-studded haunt. A mystery about a trio of sisters who summon the dead after their mom goes missing, it stars indie hotshot Lindsay Burge, who conjures positive critical acclaim for just about anything she’s in.


2. Blue Caprice
Available November 14

Isaiah Washington stars in this coming-of-a-sociopath flick that unfolds via the killers’ points of view. Based on the actual military-style highway shootings in 2002, which bloodied the interstates across America’s Northeast and became known as the Beltway Sniper Attacks, the film was a hit at Sundance and deserves a spot on your must-watch list.



3. Soaked in Bleach
Available November 15

When it comes to Kurt Cobain’s suicide, a vast majority of our population just can’t let it go. One of those people is Tom Grant, the P.I. Courtney Love hired to find her missing hubbie just days before his apparent suicide. Foul play? Perhaps. Conspiracy theory? Probably. But who cares when it all makes for one intriguing yarn with a beloved and troubled rock star at its core.



4. Arachnophobia
Available November 1

Frank Marshall, the man who produced some of the big screen’s greatest ‘80s heroes—Indiana Jones, Marty McFly, Roger Rabbit—stepped into the director’s chair to make this creepy classic about an entire town tormented by killer spiders. Our skin is crawling just thinking about it.


5. Let Us Prey
Available November 1

God can’t save the souls behind bars in this torturous horror flick set in a grimy police station of backwater Scotland. Graphic violence and searing carnage are the name of the game when a man named Six checks in and takes over the minds of everyone involved.



6. Rampart
Available November 4

Woody Harrelson stars in this seething crime drama about a cop with one too many vices. Officer Dave Brown may work out of L.A.’s Rampart Division, but city law he does not enforce. Instead, he operates by his own set of rules—torture, beat, and kill. It’s the kind of recklessness that earns Harrelson a top spot with some of the best big-screen bad lieutenants, including Nicolas Cage and Harvey Keitel.



7. The Craft
Available November 1

Forget the critics and get light as a feather, stiff as a board with this ‘90s teen flick about social outcasts, snakes, and sorcery. New Catholic on the block, Sarah Bailey falls in with a group of prep-school witches who seek revenge on those who’ve taunted them.


8. Ex Machina
Available November 14

A festival hit, Ex Machina takes the bird-in-a-cage theme and gives it wings. About a recluse Internet CEO who keeps a stunning lady robot on house arrest and the emo-programmer who wants to set her free, the directorial debut from writer of 28 Days Later Alex Garland is an experiment in sci-fi gore with all the right variables.


9. Only God Forgives
Available November 21

So Nicolas Winding Refn’s follow-up to Drive isn’t for everyone. Some may be put off by its verging-on-pretentious direction, relentless violence, or total lack of dialogue from lead man Ryan Gosling. Either way, hear this: Only God Forgives is one Danish filmmaker’s bold attempt to steer the revenge flick into new territory—even if that territory is a trashy neon-lit back alleyway.

Still from "Ex Machina" via DNA Films