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7 Prisoners Who Found Love Behind Bars

Some relationships defy all logic. These are seven such stories.


Yes, convicted murderers are capable of having relationships — and yes, there are people crazy enough to blow a kiss through prison bars.

Ted Bundy (Pictured Above)

Serial killer, rapist, and necrophiliac Ted Bundy’s number of victims will never be known. And his actions led to his own death by electric chair in 1989. Yet before that, there were quite a few enamored women who believed he was convicted as part of a conspiracy.

One such woman was Carol Ann Boone. Boone married Bundy, then managed to get pregnant at a time when conjugal visits were not allowed. However, she divorced him before his execution and fled the state with their daughter.

charles and star manson

Charles Manson

If the man who personifies evil itself can find love, then everyone should stop complaining about their own dating lives, right?

Manson’s love Afton Elaine “Star” Burton visited the ruthless killer and cult leader in prison for 9 years before they applied for the marriage license in 2014. Her lovestruck claims of his innocence were widely reported – until recently, when allegations surfaced that she might have only wanted to use his corpse as a tourist attraction after he dies. However, on Manson’s website, he’s stated they still plan on marrying.

bobby lee harris benetton ad

Bobby Lee Harris

When Italian clothing company Benetton ran an ad campaign featuring men on death row, Dagmar Polzin of Germany saw Bobby Lee Harris’s face and knew he was the one.

Convicted of stabbing his boss to death, Harris was incarcerated in North Carolina. Once he received a stay of execution in 2001, Polzin moved to the U.S. Later, Harris’s sentence was commuted to life imprisonment, which for Polzin means that she will always have her “forgotten son of God” nearby.

richard ramirez and doreen lioy

Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez became known at the Night Stalker after a string of burglaries and rapes in the mid 1980s. A proud Satanist, Ramirez’s weapons ran the gamut — machetes, hammers, guns. But that didn’t stop writer Doreen Lioy from sending him over 70 letters while in prison – and eventually tying the knot in 1996.

Lioy always claimed that upon his execution, she would commit suicide. Except the couple separated before Ramirez’s death from cancer in 2013. And by that time, he was already engaged to another suitor.

phillip carl jablonski

Phillip Carl Jablonski

Carol Spadoni was literally sleeping with a devil — although in her mind he was her angel. Phillip Carl Jablonski, who murdered his first wife, met Spadoni while he was doing time at California’s San Quentin State Prison.

As his release on parole approached, Spadoni had a change of heart. She told authorities that she did not want him to come live with her and her mother – to no avail. Not long after his release, Jablonski murdered a college student. His next victims? Spadoni and her mother. Turns out she should’ve picked her angel more carefully.

zayd rashid and asha bandele

Zayd Rashid

Bad boy from the Bronx meets prim-and-proper Manhattanite. It sounds like the latest J-Lo rom-com. But there’s a twist: He’s a murderer.

Zayd Rashid first met Asha Bandele when he and other inmates were invited to read poetry at a class she was taking, and it was hearts and rainbows from then on. Rashid was always remorseful about his crime, for which he is serving 20 years, and he even earned a degree while in prison. The couple was married for more than 10 years and have a daughter — all of which is detailed in Bandele’s book, The Prisoner’s Wife.

However, everyone goes through hard times; the couple is now separated.

mark david chapman and gloria chapman

Mark David Chapman

Although he didn’t quite find love while in prison, John Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman continues to have his wife by his side – just not physically. The couple had only been married for 18 months before Chapman ended Lennon’s life at the Dakota Apartments in New York City. His wife Gloria Hiroko Chapman, now working at a hospital in Hawaii, visits once a year for sex.

To this day, the couple continues to write Yoko Ono asking for her forgiveness.

Photos: Vk.com/mandsm; Polaris / MansonDirect.com; Courtesy of United Colors of Benetton; DearMrGacy.com; Wikimedia Commons; RawJustice.com; NYPD / YouTube