5 Terrifying Encounters with Real-Life Haunted Dolls 

These possessed dolls ruined lives.

haunted dolls
  • Photo Credit: Ghost Adventures

Possessed dolls are creepy. Just think about Chucky and Annabelle, for example: Both will give you nightmares for weeks. Between chasing you with a knife to cursing you with demonic forces, both dolls are not to be messed with. But dolls from the movies aren’t the only ones to be feared. These real-life encounters with possessed dolls will make sleeping at night much more difficult. 


annabelle demonic doll
  • Annabelle in her case at the Occult Museum

    Photo Credit: Bearfort Paranormal / YouTube

You might know her as the sinister doll from the movies, The Conjuring and Annabelle, but Annabelle is more than just a film star. She’s real and looks nothing like depicted onscreen. Locked up inside the Warrens Occult Museum in Connecticut, the large Raggedy Anne doll is kept far away from the public for good reason. Museums owners, Ed and Lorraine Warren (well-known paranormal investigators) have said the doll caused accidents, deaths, and more, all while being in her glass cage.

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Robert the Doll

most haunted dolls in the world
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Named after his original owner, Robert Eugene Otto, a local artist in Key West, this doll is said to be cursed by voodoo magic from an angry servant once hired by the Otto family. Robert the Doll, who is decked out in an old sailor uniform, apparently mutilated other dolls, moved on its own, and looked out of windows at other neighbors. The doll can now be found at Fort East Martello Museum in Key West where it’s on display.

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Harold the Haunted Doll

haunted dolls
  • Photo Credit: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Most known for being auctioned off on eBay, Harold the Haunted Doll has been studied by many paranormal researchers including those on the popular television series Ghost Adventures. This very worn-looking doll has caused harm to its different owners, making them sick or hurt by simply looking at them. 


haunted dolls
  • Photo Credit: Scary gaming / YouTube

One of the many haunted dolls at paranormal investigator Janice Poole’s California home, Bebé is known to do some strange things. Poole claims the doll has moved on its own and laughs out loud. But that’s not all. The doll’s green eyes have also been known to stay locked on a person while in the same room.

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haunted dolls mandy the doll
  • Photo Credit: Quesnel TV

An eerie babydoll that once kept her owner up all night with her painful cries now resides at British Columbia’s Quesnel and District Museum. The bonnet-wearing baby with cracked face supposedly moves items around the room when left alone. It’s also been said this doll is capable of walking and changing positions. 

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Featured photo: Ghost Adventures; Additional photos: Scary gaming / YouTube; Quesnel TV / YouTube

Published on 24 Jan 2018