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5 Scariest Stories You’ve Never Read

Want to read something truly frightening?


These five scary stories combine moral ambiguity with plot lines just familiar enough that you can’t help wonder: “Could this happen to me?”


1. Harvest Home, by Thomas Tryon

harvest home by thomas tryon

After moving to the small New England village of Cornwall Coombe, a painter and his family are increasingly disturbed by local customs. Lyrical writing elevates this novel above typical horror fare and is credited as the inspiration for contemporary authors, including Stephen King.

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2. The Loveliest Dead, by Ray Garton

the loveliest dead by ray garton

Following a sequence of increasingly dire personal tragedies, culminating in the unexplained death of their four-year-old son, Josh, Jenna and David Kella plan to make a new start of their lives on the old family homestead they have inherited just outside Eureka, California, with their surviving son, Miles. What they discover, though, is a nightmare.

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3. Crawlspace, by Herbert Lieberman

Crawlspace by Herbert Lieberman

A childless couple takes a young drifter into their home, an act of charity that comes to anger their small town. The suspense builds until it’s truly shocking conclusion. The most frequent comment readers make: “I had no idea where the author was going with the story!”

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4. Copycat, by Gillian White

copycat by gillian white

A suburban story of friendship gone sour, this psychological thriller about the bond between two neighbors from bestselling U.K. author Gillian White is tautly written and filled with suspense. From the beginning, the reader knows one of the women has been murdered, but White’s tale keeps its secret to the end.

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5. Waking The Moon, by Elizabeth Hand

waking the moon by elizabeth hand

The gothic façade of a Washington D.C. college sets the stage in this engrossing thriller about a college student seduced into a world of ancient traditions. Unlike anything you’ve ever read, this novel stays with you for a long time.

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