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The Lineup Recommends: 5 Items to Die for

We've come across a lot of disturbing things in our research of all things creepy.


We’ve come across a lot of disturbing things in our research of all things creepy. But these killer objects—from a “blood” spattered breakfast bowl to skull-shaped shot glasses—gave us a good laugh, and isn’t that the best kind of thrill?

1. ‘Cereal Killer’ breakfast bowl – $22

cereal killer bowl

Rule #1: Hide in plain sight. This hand-painted ceramic bowl, featuring “blood” spatters and a darkly humorous message, looks so cheeky that no one would guess what we’re really doing after the Cornflakes are gone.


2. Creepy doll head salt and pepper shakers – $11

creepy doll head shakers
Whether they’re sitting on a shelf in our childhood bedroom—or ruining lives on screen—dolls are just plain creepy. Of course, our biggest fear: They’ll come to life while we’re eating.


3. Winter of Frozen Dreams, by Karl Harter – $7.99

winter of frozen dreams excerpt
On a freezing Christmas morning in Wisconsin, a distraught young man named Jeremy Davies stumbles into a police station and confesses to burying a naked body in the snow. When police go to investigate, they don’t believe what they see. Karl Harter revisits this icy case of seduction, suspicion, and murder in his true crime book Winter of Frozen Dreams.


4. Skull decanter and shot glasses set – $35

skull set shot glasses set

Bottoms up! This glass skull decanter set, complete with two skull shot glasses, sends shivers down our spines – while the spirits warm our souls.


5. Spirit Box SB11 Radio – $137

radio sweep ghost box
We’ve heard our fair share of ghost stories, and they still give us chills. The SB11–the most advanced “spirit box” on the market–helps us dodge cold spots and orbs … and sleep better at night.

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All photos courtesy of Amazon