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10 Creepy YouTube Videos That Will Actually Scare You

Dim the lights...

I would suggest you turn off the lights, put on headphones, and not make any sleep plans for the next few days. These are some of the most terrifying YouTube videos that the internet has to offer. Some claim to be real while others are obviously staged. Either way, you’re about to be scared.

 The Massive Snake


"There Is Nothing"


The Creaking Door


"I Have the Body of a Pig"


The Angel


Man Gets Lost in the Paris Catacombs (Pts. 1 & 2)


The Girl Ghost


The Real Exorcism Tapes of Anneliese Michel


Don't Move


The Spiders

This story was first published on Creepy Catalog.

Featured photo: Eduardo Sánchez / Flickr (CC

Created on 13 Jun 2017

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