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6 Creepy and Haunted Dolls for Sale on eBay 

Buyer beware: These porcelain dolls might look harmless, but they might be just as evil as Annabelle.


eBay is the shopping destination for obscure oddities. But there might be something sinister lurking behind those benign product descriptions of spirit-infused artwork, furniture, or toys.

Whether you’re ready to welcome a haunted doll into your home – or you’re merely curious about the spirit doll scene, we’ve rounded-up a list of some of the most intriguing vintage, haunted dolls for sale. It’s up to you to click “Buy It Now.” 

Diana, the porcelain doll, will put you under her spell.

Diana the Haunted Doll

Meet Lady Diana. Her story is a tragic one. In the mid-1600s, she was one of the many women accused of witchcraft. However, according to her current owner, she was different from many of those women in that she really was a witch.

She came from a well-to-do family, but when she came of age to marry, the man she loved was already betrothed to another woman. Shortly after, this woman began experiencing nightmares, seeing demons and intense, sporadic pains. She accused Diana of bewitching her.

Being from an elite family, the charges were dropped and Diana released; however, she was found dead a month later of seemingly nothing. Once again, witchcraft was to blame.

While it is safe to assume Diana’s spirit in the doll has a bone to pick with the living, the seller guarantees that she’s harmless. She is known for moving objects around the living space, giggling maniacally, and running around in the dead of night.

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This doll contains a dark entity.

Deity Doll

After being found in a foreclosed home, the seller came to the conclusion that this doll was used in a black magic ritual. The seller does not know what type of spirit or deity resides in the doll, so the seller recommends not attempting contact.

On occasion, the doll’s face changes its expression, reflecting varying emotions. She seems to be aware of what is being said around her–but, please, resist contacting the spirit lingering inside her. 

Millie uses flashing lights to communicate. 

Miss Millie Haunted Doll

Don’t let this sweet childlike face and frilly blue dress confuse you. Porcelain doll Millie is considered a “class A” spirit, meaning she is an extremely active spirit. She has been known to ring doorbells, inspire colorful orbs to float around her, and move objects around the home. If the hairs on your arms rise, Millie’s spirit might be touching you.

The buyer is looking to send Millie to a home that welcomes this vibrant activity. In general, Millie has no evil intentions, she just wants to make her presence known.

Miss Meg plays pranks.

Miss Meg Haunted Doll

This dark-haired doll is one of many haunted dolls inherited from the seller’s family collection. She’s a bit of a thief. Since being in the current owner’s home, things have suddenly gone missing, but not for long. Miss Meg always returns what she has taken. You can tell what she is thinking because of the mischief she’ll get into next.

The seller wants to place Miss Meg in a home of someone who will appreciate her little pranks. She is a tiny, 16-inch doll who appears to be seeking attention from her owners. Buy at your own risk. 

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Not only is she haunted, but she has human hair.

Human Hair Haunted Doll

This doll’s history is unknown, but one thing is certain: There is something living inside her. With a head full of human hair and long white gown, this doll is known for making doors slam, knocking on doors at night, and traipsing around the home when no one is looking.

She is never found in the same place she was left. She turns off televisions, radios, and toys when near them. In fact, she’s been causing so much trouble that the present owner has her locked in a safe. Suffice to say, they’re ready for an offer from a spiritual soul willing to embrace her mischief. 

Elvira needs a new home.

Elvira Plays Pranks

Arriving from the collection of a white witch, Elvira was a 1880s housemaid for a family too poor to take care of her. The father of the family was sexually and physically abusive toward Elvira. On one tragic occasion, while running from him in a barn loft, she fell and died instantly. Her spirit lingered behind and is using this doll as a vessel.

Elvira’s notorious for playing music out of thin air, flickering lights, wafting scents of lavender, knocking around at night, and hiding the owner’s possessions. Elvira is highly communicative, not malicious or dangerous. She requires a home that will be responsive to this.