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A Miscarriage of Justice Finally Rectified

In 1964, three civil rights workers were murdered in cold blood ... and the mastermind behind it all walked away a free man.

By Fred Rosen

Murder in the Berkshires: The William Coy Axe Killing

William Coy felt betrayed by his friend, and the only solution was murder.

By Jamie Bogert

Jesse Pomeroy: The Boy Fiend of Boston

At just 14 years old, Jesse Pomeroy became the youngest convicted murderer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

By Stephanie Almazan

Kray Twins: The Killer Truth Behind the Criminal Legends

The real-life tale behind these infamous twin criminals comes spattered in blood.

By DeAnna Janes

How Did These 9 Serial Killers Choose Their Victims?

Some victims died because they happened to leave their doors unlocked. Others had been methodically stalked.

By The Lineup Staff

Unearthing a Serial Killer: The Murders of Alex J. Mengel

During his lifetime, Mengel was found guilty of two killings. Since then, evidence has pointed to the fact that he could be responsible for many more.

By David Paul

6 Hair-Raising Letters From Actual Stalkers

From a would-be presidential assassin to the decades-old "watcher" of a house in New Jersey.

By Creepy Catalog

Deacon of Death: Sam Smithers

The community knew the clergyman as a loving husband and father, but underneath his vestment was a sex-crazed, sociopathic killer.

By Fred Rosen

6 True-Crime Books About Killer Doctors

From Nazi nut-sos to commonplace quacks, these monsters of malpractice have but one diagnosis in mind: death.

By DeAnna Janes

Jack the Rippers From Around the World

We see London, we see France, we see a Russian granny chopping up bodies with her bare hands.

By DeAnna Janes

6 Cases from Criminal Minds Based on Real-Life Crimes

The grisly inspiration behind these six cases from the hit police drama proves the truth is far bloodier than television.

By Kaitlyn Johnston

Panic in the Air: The Toxic Case of the Mad Gasser

Frightened citizens sealed their windows when reports of mysterious gas attacks spread from house to house. Could a mad gasser be on the loose?

By Steven Casale

Doubly Disturbing: The Marcus Twins’ Mysterious Suicides

Identical twins and doctors Stewart and Cyril Marcus did everything together ... including dying in a most mysterious fashion.

By The Lineup Staff

Elmer McCurdy: The Outlaw Mummy of Oklahoma

The mummified corpse of an Oklahoma outlaw shows up 60 years later as a funhouse prop in this creepy tale of life after death.

By The Lineup Staff

Kate Webster: A Real-Life Sweeney Todd Story

In 1879, Irish housekeeper Kate Webster killed her employer, boiled her body, and fed the fat to small children.

By Jennifer Jackson

Madeleine Smith: The Hot Cocoa Killer

Madeleine Smith had a rich fiancé, a secret lover, and one hell of a hot chocolate recipe. We recreate her cup of cocoa ... without the lethal ingredient.

By Jennifer Jackson

Buyer Beware: 9 Terrifying American Murder Houses

From Amityville Horror to Jeffrey Dahmer's one-bedroom, these murder houses are home to some truly brutal murders.

By The Lineup Staff

George Metesky: The Mad Bomber of New York City

It was the first criminal profiling case is U.S. history ... and it all boiled down to a disgruntled Con Ed employee.

By The Lineup Staff

Serial: The Addictive New Crime Drama Podcast

Say hello to your latest listening obsession.

By Matthew Thompson

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