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6 Chilling Cases of Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm syndrome is as tragic as it is complex. Victims suffer both the physical abuse of imprisonment and the severe emotional manipulation that locks them in place.

By Gary Sweeney

Taken on Thanksgiving: The Disappearance of the Skelton Brothers

On Thanksgiving Day, 2010, three brothers vanished from their Michigan home.

By Stephanie Weber

Carnie Killers: The Murder Trial of Lobster Boy

While true crime writer Fred Rosen was investigating the murder of performer Grady Stiles, he received a video that would change the course of the trial.

By Fred Rosen

Buried in the Basement: The Strange Case of Dr. Crippen

He's one of England's most infamous criminals ... but was he actually guilty?

By Orrin Grey

Death By Fire: The Unsolved Case of the Rock Island Railroad Wreck of 1894

It was one of the the largest instances of mass murder in Nebraska ... and remains unsolved to this day.

By Orrin Grey

A Body in Kentucky: The 30-Year-Long Mystery of “Tent Girl”

In 1968 her body was found. Her identity would remain a mystery for decades.

By Gary Sweeney

Escaping Death: The West Memphis Three

What does it feel like to spend 18 years on death row for a crime you didn’t commit? What does it feel like to get out?

By The Lineup Staff

A Body and a Bloody Trunk: The Infamous Gouffé Case of 1889

They found the body with a black bag over its head, near an abandoned trunk that reeked of decay.

By Orrin Grey

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