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Horror in Nova Scotia: The Great Amherst Mystery and the Possession of Esther Cox

They watched in terror as the demonic writing appeared above her bed: "Esther Cox, you are mine to kill."

By Orrin Grey

The Lineup is Going on a Ghost Hunt … and You Can Watch Live

On October 1—National Ghost Hunting Day—our staff will be joining a ghost hunt at NYC's The Merchant's House and streaming it live on Facebook.

By The Lineup Staff

Blood in Brazil’s Little Castle of Apa Street

This ruined castle in Sao Paulo was once a luxurious mansion ... until it became the site of a grisly murder mystery.

By Orrin Grey

You Can Now Own the Amityville Horror House … If You Dare

For sale: five bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and a chilling history of murder.

By Diana Vilibert

Honky Tonk of Horrors: The Bloody Past of Bobby Mackey’s Music World

This Kentucky nightclub's grisly history includes murder, suicide, and rumors of Satanic sacrifice.

By America's Most Haunted

Franklin Castle: The Most Haunted House in Ohio

Haunting this Cleveland mansion are tales of secret passages, brutal murder, and restless spirits lingering in its halls.

By Orrin Grey

The Mysterious Death That Haunts Willoughby Coal & Supply

In 1945, a shop foreman at Willoughby Coal found the owner's mangled body face down in a pool of blood.

By America's Most Haunted

The Mudhouse Mansion Mystery

On a hill in Ohio stood a stately brick mansion with a sinister reputation.

By Elisabeth Tilstra

Edinburgh Castle: Scotland’s Haunted Fortress on the Hill

Looming over Edinburgh is an ancient castle where the tortured souls from centuries past still linger.

By Stephanie Almazan

Beware the Ghosts of The Grove

On a quiet street in Texas sits the most haunted home in the Lone Star State.

By DeAnna Janes

15 Most Haunted B&Bs in America

Looking for a spooky place to spend the night?

By Stephanie Almazan

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