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The Violent, Bloody History of Ireland’s Leap Castle

Remains–spiritual and bodily–reside within the castle’s very walls.

By Shannon Raphael

The Ghosts of Sauer Castle

On a hill in Kansas City rests a crumbling mansion with a sinister reputation.

By Orrin Grey

The Creepy Story of the Real-Life Frankenstein Castle

Did this ancient German castle inspire Mary Shelley's famous horror novel?

By Orrin Grey

5 Spooky Places Haunted by Animals

These eerie creatures from the other side are anything but cuddly.

By Diana Vilibert

The Hidden World of Dundas Castle

Lost in the Catskills is a forsaken stone castle haunted by tales of madness ...

By Gary Sweeney

7 Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Castles

They were once grand pillars of excess; now, they lie in ruin.

By Stephanie Almazan

Heads Will Roll: 8 Restless Ghosts of the Tower of London

Numerous ghosts haunt the blood-soaked grounds of London's infamous fortress, searching for justice ... or their missing heads.

By Jessica Ferri

Edinburgh Castle: Scotland’s Haunted Fortress on the Hill

Looming over Edinburgh is an ancient castle where the tortured souls from centuries past still linger.

By Stephanie Almazan

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