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9 Haunting American Ghost Towns You Can Visit—If You Dare

These supposedly empty towns are actually filled with ghosts of past residents.

By The Lineup Staff

7 of the Creepiest Ghost Towns in America

You do not want to find yourself alone in one of these ghost towns.

By Diana Vilibert

Pere Cheney: The Michigan Ghost Town Cursed by a Witch

Pere Cheney went from a bustling lumber center to a ghost town. Was it the result of a witch's curse?

By Orrin Grey

9 Most Haunting Ghost Towns from Around the World

The buildings may be empty, but the ghosts of the past still linger in the streets ...

By Orrin Grey

17 Abandoned Places Around the World That You Probably Didn’t Know About

These eerie, empty places from around the world are sure to send shivers down your spine.

By Michael Koh

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