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Sean Vincent Gillis: The "Pure Evil" Killer Who Mutilated His Victims

Did the Louisiana serial killer ever truly regret brutally murdering eight women?

By Olivia Mason

15 Notorious Female Serial Killers

The twisted tales of these female serial killers are downright chilling.

By Steven Casale

Most Wanted Reading List: Europe’s Meaty History of Cannibalism

From first-hand accounts of the Crusades' "wicked banquets" to eating mummies in the 16th century, the European continent has their fill of savage tales.

By The Lineup Staff

The Werewolf of Bedburg

In 16th century Rhineland, something – or someone – was slaughtering villagers by the glow of the full moon.

By Steven Casale

Most Wanted List: 7 Surprising Facts About Cannibalism

From 1500s Brazil to Colonial America and early Soviet Union, people have been partaking in the illicit – and illegal – act of cannibalism for surprising reasons.

By The Lineup Staff

Alfred Packer: The Maneater of Colorado

This grisly tale of survival will have you grabbing an extra bag of granola next time you hit the trail.

By Matthew Thompson

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