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6 True-Crime Books About Killer Doctors

From Nazi nut-sos to commonplace quacks, these monsters of malpractice have but one diagnosis in mind: death.

By DeAnna Janes

Angels of Death: Cathy Wood and Gwen Graham

The two nurses at Alpine Manor senior living facility fell hard for each other ... and then started killing off their patients one by one.

By DeAnna Janes

Sol Wachtler: From Chief Justice to Stalker to Convict

Glimpse a top New York justice’s sociopathic alter ego and the sordid affair he kept private in Linda Wolfe’s Double Life.

By DeAnna Janes

“I Speak for the Dead”

While true crime author Fred Rosen was investigating the murder of 18-year-old Jennifer Robinson, he couldn't believe the gruesome details he discovered.

By Fred Rosen

George Stinney Jr: The Youngest Person Executed in 20th-Century U.S.

And it only took 70 years for a court to decide 14-year-old George Stinney Jr. didn't actually commit the murders he was electrocuted for.

By Grace Srinivasiah

Ted Bundy: A Brush with Pure Evil

True crime writer Fred Rosen describes what it felt like to come face-to-face with serial killer survivor Nita Neary.

By Fred Rosen

7 Disturbing Books About Serial Killers

Get inside the heads of history's most notorious serial murderers.

By Grace Srinivasiah

Lucky Luciano: The Making of a Mobster

Meet Charles "Lucky" Luciano, the godfather of organized crime in America and star of AMC's thrilling new docu-drama, The Making of the Mob.

By C. Joseph Greaves

The Execution-Style Murder of Kenya’s Most Famous Playboy

In 1940s Africa, Josslyn Hay slept with the wrong woman and ended up dead. More than 70 years later, theories about the murderer are still emerging.

By Grace Srinivasiah

Hollywood Homicide: Lana Turner and the Death of Johnny Stompanato

In 1958, Johnny Stompanato was stabbed to death in Lana Turner's Beverly Hills home. Was this a case of tinsel town murder or justifiable homicide?

By Jonathan Santlofer

Doubly Disturbing: The Marcus Twins’ Mysterious Suicides

Identical twins and doctors Stewart and Cyril Marcus did everything together ... including dying in a most mysterious fashion.

By The Lineup Staff

The Acid Bath Murderer of England

John George Haigh took the plunge into murder when he knocked out his old boss and dumped the body into acid – then set out to kill again.

By Steven Casale

5 Best True Crime Books That Will Give You Night Terrors

You won't want to go to sleep after reading these disturbing tales of murder.

By Nina Lassam

6 True Crime Tales from Ireland

It’s not all rolling hills and peaceful seaside villages on the Emerald Isle.

By Elisabeth Tilstra

Magdalena Solís: The Blood Drinking High Priestess of Mexico

Cult leader Magdalena Solís convinced illiterate villagers she was a reincarnated goddess – then slaughtered her dissenters in brutal blood sacrifices.

By Steven Casale

The Brutal Murder that Started 9-1-1

In 1964, Kitty Genovese was stabbed and killed in her New York City apartment building, and 38 witnesses did nothing to help her.

By Nina Lassam

TLU Excerpt: The Last Madam, by Christine Wiltz

She was the glamorous madam of New Orleans' most decadent brothel – until the long arm of the law came pounding at her door.

By The Lineup Staff

How The Jinx’s Robert Durst Got Away with Murder Again and Again

Cross-dressing businessman Robert Durst ran from authorities after he killed his neighbor ... and possibly others.

By DeAnna Janes

4 November Movies Better Than The Hunger Games

A true crime indie, a period piece that cracks the code, a foreign drama with mysterious undertones, and a thrill ride through Columbia's drug trade.

By Jennifer Jackson

Serial: The Addictive New Crime Drama Podcast

Say hello to your latest listening obsession.

By Matthew Thompson

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