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The Dingo’s Got My Baby: The Case of Lindy Chamberlain

During a camping trip at Ayer’s Rock, Australia, Lindy Chamberlain’s nine-week-old daughter Azaria was snatched away by wild dogs in the night. But who was really to blame?

by Jessica Ferri

Wayne Nance: The Suspected Serial Killer Who Was Never Arrested

Though Nance was killed while attempting to murder a husband and wife, and consequently never tried for his crimes, Missoula residents know the truth…

by Jessica Ferri

7 Books About Unsolved Crimes That Still Haunt Us

Maybe you can be the one to finally crack the case ... before it cracks you.

by Jessica Ferri

The Red Ripper: Russia’s Deadliest Serial Killer

Andrei Chikatilo killed over 50 people before finally being arrested in 1990. He remains the worst serial killer in Russia's history.

by The Lineup Staff

Poll: Which Serial Killer Makes Your Skin Crawl?

From the BTK killer to Ted Bundy, all of these murderers send chills up our spine. But which one is the most depraved of all?

by Jessica Ferri

These Killer Cousins Terrified the Hollywood Hills

In the 1970s, two cousins murdered 10 women over four months in Los Angeles.

by Sarah Mangiola

The One, Tiny Mistake That Finally Took Down The Night Stalker

Serial killer Richard Ramirez was meticulous when it came to covering his tracks ... until his final attack in 1985.

by Sarah Mangiola

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