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Did Dr. Sam Sheppard Murder His Wife?

Most doctors are known for the lives they save. Sheppard is remembered for the life he was accused of ending.

By The Lineup Staff

7 Intriguing Podcasts As Addicting As Serial

Discover your next earbud obsession with these killer podcasts.

By The Lineup Staff

The Hinterkaifeck Murders: Many Mysteries, Few Answers

There were signs something terrible was going to happen to farmer Andreas Gruber and his family. Then it did.

By The Lineup Staff

Deadly Greed: Charles Stuart Killed His Wife and Their Unborn Child for the Insurance Money

The father-to-be shot his wife and then himself to make it look like a botched robbery-murder.

By Sarah Mangiola

The Mad Chopper: One Cut Was Not Enough

True crime author Fred Rosen remembers a case so gruesome even he hesitated to take it on.

By Fred Rosen

House of Horrors: The Heinous Crimes of Fred and Rosemary West

The murderous duo killed at least nine people together between their meeting in 1969 and their eventual arrest in 1994.

By Sarah Mangiola

The Unspeakable Crimes of Dr. Petiot

Parisians thought they were escaping Nazi-occupied France. Instead, they faced death at the hands of a sick and twisted man.

By Daniel O'Connor

Was Marilyn Monroe’s Death Really a Suicide?

Though we may never know exactly what happened in the starlet’s home the night she died, coroner Thomas T. Noguchi sheds light on the controversial case.

By Sara Barry

How the Pierre Hotel Robbery Went Off Without a Hitch and Ended in Tragedy

They thought they struck the jackpot…but it came with a price.

By Orrin Grey

6 True Crime Reads About Serial Killers on Campus

The semester from hell doesn’t even begin to describe it for these students.

By DeAnna Janes

Kitty Genovese: The Woman Who Was Stabbed to Death While Witnesses Did Nothing

In 1964, the Queens resident’s murder shocked the nation when it was revealed that neighbors did nothing to help the dying woman.

By The Lineup Staff

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