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Dangerous Duos: Sickest Serial Killer Couples Ever

These killers stopped at nothing to prove their twisted love.

By Carissa Chesanek

James Dale Ritchie: A Serial Killer Caught By Chance

He seemed like a common criminal, until police uncovered the grisly truth.

By did you know?

Here’s Who’s Buried In the Grave of H.H. Holmes

Who lies buried in the grave of H.H. Holmes? Investigators now know the answer…

By The Lineup Staff

9 American Horror Story Characters Based on Real-Life Killers

Some of the show's most terrifying villains were inspired by real murderers.

By Aliza Polkes

10 Little-Known Serial Killers

Add to your murder knowledge with these ten serial killers and their horrific crimes.

By Sarah Mangiola

Leslie Van Houten, The Manson Family, and the LaBianca Murders

Leslie Van Houten was 19 when she killed Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. Should she go free?

By The Lineup Staff

Metal Fang: Russia's Serial Killer Cannibal

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev dismembered and consumed at least seven victims.

By did you know?

House of Horrors: The Heinous Crimes of Fred and Rosemary West

The murderous duo killed at least nine people together between their meeting in 1969 and their eventual arrest in 1994.

By Sarah Mangiola

Dennis Nilsen: Britain’s Kindly Killer

In each of his victims, he sought someone who would never leave.

By Orrin Grey

5 Chilling Facts About H.H. Holmes’ Murder Castle

This hotel hid secrets and bodies within its walls.

By did you know?

The Harpe Brothers: America’s Original Serial Killers

This deadly pair from 18th century America left a bloody trail across the frontier as they slaughtered men, women, and children to satisfy their bloodlust.

By Stephanie Almazan

Which State Has the Most Serial Killers—and Why?

It's known for its untouched wilderness and shockingly high rate of murderers.

By Catherine Townsend

6 True Crime Reads About Serial Killers on Campus

The semester from hell doesn’t even begin to describe it for these students.

By DeAnna Janes

Zac Efron Is Set to Play Ted Bundy in an Upcoming Thriller

Can the Disney heartthrob make the transition to cold-blooded killer?

By Olivia Mason

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