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12 Chilling Books Like Gone Girl

Unreliable narrators and terrifying suspense are just the beginning...

By Sarah Mangiola

11 Eerie Authors Like Edgar Allan Poe

From a haunted mansion to the mountains of madness, the creepy tales of these authors are sure to give you nightmares – just like Edgar Allan Poe.

By The Lineup Staff

7 Psychological Thriller Books That Will Torment You For Days

In the mood for a mind-trip? Here are eight psychological thrillers guaranteed to stay with you long after you turn the last page.

By Diana Vilibert

When Obsession Turns Deadly

New neighbors Jennie and Martha formed an instant bond that deteriorated into something much more sinister.

By Paola Crespo

A Kidnapping Gone Wrong

Struggling psychic Myra Savage craves notoriety, and she will do anything to get it ... even the unthinkable.

By Paola Crespo

Revenge is a Dish Best Served … Bloody

Bookmark these five vengeful characters not even Taken's Liam Neeson would mess with.

By Matthew Blackburn

5 Chilling Films from Sundance 2015

These new nightmares of the silver screen will send shivers down your spine.

By DeAnna Janes

5 Sinister Thrillers Just like Nightcrawler

These American psychos of the silver screen are sure to creep you out as much as Jake Gyllenhaal's twisted Lou Bloom.

By DeAnna Janes

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