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14 Creepy and Utterly Bizarre Vintage Halloween Costumes

These vintage Hallows' Eve outfits are sure to give you nightmares.

By The Lineup Staff

15 Scary Pictures That Will Haunt Your Dreams

These scary pictures are worth a thousand screams.

By Diana Vilibert

The Paris Catacombs: A Journey Into the Empire of the Dead

Beneath the streets of Paris is a massive maze of death lined with the remains of six million souls.

By Olga Kirshenbaum

The Haunting Legacy of Ralph Eugene Meatyard

The photographer’s unsettling visual style lives on in these nightmarish shots of masked children and abandoned buildings.

By Stephanie Almazan

Small Town Noir: The Criminal Past of New Castle, Pennsylvania

Uncover the life and crimes behind the mugshots in this thrilling collection of vintage police photos.

By Stephanie Almazan

Memento Mori: Remembering the Dead Among Us

The dearly departed live on in this eye-popping collection of ossuaries, burial caves, and death festivals from around the world.

By Matthew Thompson

Off with Their Heads: Twisted Trick Photography from the Victorian Era

Crack open the bizarre, death-obsessed world of decapitation trick photography in this killer collection of Victorian headless portraits.

By Kaitlyn Johnston

Scene of the Crime: Grisly Photos from the LAPD Archives

Join the demon dog of American crime fiction, James Ellroy, as he handpicks his favorite crime scene shots from the LAPD archives.

By The Lineup Staff

No Seconds: The Last Meals of Death Row Inmates

From Gacy's bucket of fried chicken to McVeigh's bowl of ice cream, dig in to the last meals of America's death row inmates.

By The Lineup Staff

Dangerous Dames from the Land Down Under: Female Mugshots

Meet the tough female convicts of turn-of-the-century Australia in these stunning vintage mugshots.

By The Lineup Staff

Killer Ink: Decoding Russian Criminal Tattoos

Get up close and personal with Russian gangsters and their intricate – and meaningful – body art.

By The Lineup Staff

When Harry Met Edna

A box of their unmarked photographs jumpstarted the Internet's most heartwarming manhunt.

By Jennifer Jackson

Post-Mortem Photography: How the Victorians Remembered Their Dead

Grieving families soon took up the new technology to create everlasting mementos of the dearly departed.

By Matthew Thompson

Inside Surrey County Asylum

A Victorian psychiatrist photographs his patients with haunting results.

By The Lineup Staff

Blasts from Crime Scenes Past

Photographer Marc A. Hermann mashes vintage snaps with their current-day scenes.

By The Lineup Staff

William Hope: Spirit Photographer

He saw dead people – but only through a camera lens.

By The Lineup Staff

Alphonse Bertillon’s Shocking Crime Scene Photos

The grisly images of this turn-of-the-century criminal investigator revolutionized forensic photography.

By The Lineup Staff

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