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The Winchester Mystery House

The question remains: Was it a labor of love or madness?

By Stephanie Almazan

10 Victorian Era-Set Novels That Will Give You Chills

These suspenseful, creepy reads combine a late 19th-century love of grisly murder and the paranormal.

By Paola Crespo

The Uncrackable Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript

This mysterious codex from the 15th century is written in a language no reader has been able to decode. What secrets lie locked within the Voynich Manuscript?

By Steven Casale

The Deadly Elixir of Giulia Tofana

This professional poisoner offered freedom through murder to women trapped in troubled marriages – until news of her toxic services leaked to authorities.

By Elisabeth Tilstra

Herbert Armstrong: England’s Persistent Poisoner

After poisoning his wife, Herbert Armstrong set his sights on a rival lawyer. But when his target just wouldn't die, Armstrong's toxic methods turned messy.

By Stephanie Almazan

Sawney Bean: The Hannibal Lecter of Olde Scotland

Meet Scotland's legendary cannibal killer, who along with his ravenous cave-dwelling clan dined on the flesh of 1,000 victims.

By Steven Casale

TLU Excerpt: The Garden of Martyrs, by Michael C. White

In 1805, Marcus Lyon was traveling the Boston Post Road when he was brutally murdered.

By The Lineup Staff

Darkest TV Dramas of 2014

It's no secret: We live in the golden age of pitch-black TV programming.

By The Lineup Staff

Wayfaring Stranger: The Thrilling Fiction of James Lee Burke

This Edgar-winning author sets his sights on the American Dream in a powerful new thriller of epic proportions.

By Otto Penzler

4 November Movies Better Than The Hunger Games

A true crime indie, a period piece that cracks the code, a foreign drama with mysterious undertones, and a thrill ride through Columbia's drug trade.

By Jennifer Jackson

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