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The Wayward Ghosts of the Ohio State Reformatory

One prisoner wanted out so badly, he burned himself to death in his cell.

By America's Most Haunted

Ghost Ship: The Haunting of the RMS Queen Mary

The phantom sounds of agonized screams and tearing metal echo through the boiler room.

By America's Most Haunted

Straight Out of Hell: 10 Sinister Tales of Holy Horror

Everyone's got inner demons—but these are the real thing.

By Mia Garcia

A Close Encounter with the Ghosts of the Villisca Murder House

Ghost hunter Adam Kimmel spent a night communing with Villisca's spirits. But was he speaking with the victims ... or their murderers?

By Adam Kimmell

The Phantom Hound of Willoughby, Ohio

Ghost hunter Cathi Weber describes her first encounter with the state's most spirited canine.

By Cathi Weber

The Mysterious Death That Haunts Willoughby Coal & Supply

In 1945, a shop foreman at Willoughby Coal found the owner's mangled body face down in a pool of blood.

By America's Most Haunted

She was Stalked by the Ghost of a Former Flame

Mrs. G bought a Ouija board for fun ... and ended up unleashing a spirit intent on winning her back.

By Greta Shull

The Lineup Presents: The Creepiest Reads of 2015

From witch hunters and vampire killers to haunted childhood homes, cap off the year with 2015's scariest books.

By Adam Karlin

9 Ghost Tropes to Die For

Spend Halloween dissecting these types of ghosts frequently spotted in spooky stories.

By DeAnna Janes

Chilling Tales: “The Ghost of Old Pier’s Pub”

One couple's visit to the misty cliffs of Ireland takes a turn for the supernatural in this fictional ghost story by Alan Derosby.

By Alan Derosby

Her Touch Was as Cold as Ice: A True Ghost Encounter

Paranormal researcher and author John D. Mimms shares his encounter with a little ghost girl who just wanted to play.

By John D. Mimms

10 Most Terrifying Ghost Stories and Paranormal Novels

Reader beware: These eerie tales of cursed houses and restless souls are guaranteed to terrify.

By Jessica Ferri

Watch List: Crimson Peak

Guillermo del Toro's new nightmare replaces the tired tropes of Gothic romance with ghosts, violence, and kink.

By DeAnna Janes

An Encounter with Ireland’s Angel of Death

In this legend-based horror novel, an NYC-based psychiatrist locks eyes with a red-haired beauty, not realizing he might have just sealed his fate.

By The Lineup Staff

10 Victorian Era-Set Novels That Will Give You Chills

These suspenseful, creepy reads combine a late 19th-century love of grisly murder and the paranormal.

By Paola Crespo

Esme: The Other Friendly Ghost

Katherine Neville’s 150-year-old Gothic house, built on the Civil War's “Hallowed Grounds,” is also home to Esme, a prank loving, treasure hunting ghost.

By Katherine Neville

Ghost Hunters Find Missing Woman’s Body at Abandoned Hospital

When two paranormal researchers decided to scope out a haunted hospital in Mississippi, they found more than just restless spirits.

By Crime Feed

The Greenbrier Ghost: The Spirit Who Solved Her Own Murder

Mary Jane Heaster was devastated by the mysterious death of her daughter Zona – until Zona's spirit appeared in the night to tell her she'd been murdered.

By Elisabeth Tilstra

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