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20 Ghost Books to Haunt Your Days (and Nights)

Warning: Read only if you can afford some sleepless nights.

by Sarah Mangiola

10 Paranormal Books You Haven’t Read Yet (But Should)

Journey to the dark side of demonic possessions, haunted houses, and restless spirits.

by The Lineup Staff

9 Underrated Paranormal Books That Will Get Under Your Skin

These tales of paranormal horror will have you sleeping with the light on.

by Aliza Polkes

8 Award-Winning Horror Books You Need to Read Now

The best of the genre, chosen by experts of the genre.

by Olivia Mason

Ghost Light in the Window: The Drish House Haunting

They say the widow's ghost lingers in the tower and sets the house ablaze with phantom fire...

by Elisabeth Tilstra

4 Eerie Olde Holiday Ghost Stories

These ghostly tales of yesteryear will bring a different chill to your holidays.

by Orrin Grey

House of Darkness: The True Story of the Perron Family and the Haunting That Inspired The Conjuring

Little did they know, their dream home in the country was a cursed house of horrors. 

by The Lineup Staff

12 Creepy Kids Books That Scarred Us for Life

These darker tales intended for children are guaranteed to give you nightmares.

by Jessica Ferri

9 Most Haunted Places in New Orleans

From the tomb of a voodoo priestess to the site of a legendary massacre, explore the Big Easy's spooky side with the most haunted places in New Orleans.

by Catherine Phelan

11 Eerie Authors Like Edgar Allan Poe

From a haunted mansion to the mountains of madness, the creepy tales of these authors are sure to give you nightmares – just like Edgar Allan Poe.

by The Lineup Staff

15 Books for Fans of “American Horror Story”

As we await Season 7 of "American Horror Story", we’re filling the void with books similar to each freaky season of the show.

by Sarah Mangiola

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum and the Haunting Enigma of Lily

After her death, little Lily's spirit stayed in the asylum, the only home she'd ever known.

by Eric Olsen

This Ouija Session Opened a Portal to the Dead

What started out as a harmless game turns into something much more sinister.

by Jessica Ferri

Nightmare Fuel: 10 Books That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Don’t make any plans for tomorrow—you’re in for a restless night.

by The Lineup Staff

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