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6 Books to Satisfy Your Making a Murderer Obsession

Netflix's killer new true crime docudrama is highly addictive. But where do you turn once you've binge-watched all 10 episodes?

By Jessica Ferri

10 Best Horror Books and Paranormal Classics

Be forewarned: These horror books and short stories are sure to keep you up until the early hours of the morning.

By Charles Ross

Flesh and Blood: Three Deadly Cases of Killer Parents

These killer parents show no mercy ... not even to their own children.

By Greta Shull

Unfinished Murder: Lust Knows No Bounds

For two years in Cleveland, over 100 women experienced the chilling terror of serial rapist Ronnie Shelton.

By Matthew Blackburn

White Mischief: Murder in Kenya

During WWII the Happy Valley had become a playground for white mischief. But the party was about to end.

By Matthew Blackburn

A Kidnapping Gone Wrong

Struggling psychic Myra Savage craves notoriety, and she will do anything to get it ... even the unthinkable.

By Paola Crespo

What Really Happened the Night Natalie Wood Died

Hollywood's medical examiner Dr. Thomas Noguchi reveals what happened the night Natalie Wood died ... and the report he received after the case was closed.

By Paola Crespo

The Unsolved Murder of Teenager Kaitlyn Arquette

In "Who Killed My Daughter?", a mother searches for the truth behind her daughter’s tragic death.

By Paola Crespo

Unearthing a Serial Killer: The Murders of Alex J. Mengel

During his lifetime, Mengel was found guilty of two killings. Since then, evidence has pointed to the fact that he could be responsible for many more.

By David Paul

Killing by Example: When Trusted People Turn Bad

The following nurturers and protectors were supposed to look out and care for the people in their communities. Instead, they turned to murder.

By DeAnna Janes

The Darkest Hour of NYC’s 1977 Blackout

On the night of New York City's infamous blackout, rioting and looting ensued ... and heads starting to roll. Literally.

By DeAnna Janes

The Hand That Scorched the Cradle

Two women, one baby, and pools of blood make for one blistering tale of motherhood and insanity.

By DeAnna Janes

Angels of Death: Cathy Wood and Gwen Graham

The two nurses at Alpine Manor senior living facility fell hard for each other ... and then started killing off their patients one by one.

By DeAnna Janes

Sol Wachtler: From Chief Justice to Stalker to Convict

Glimpse a top New York justice’s sociopathic alter ego and the sordid affair he kept private in Linda Wolfe’s Double Life.

By DeAnna Janes

10 Victorian Era-Set Novels That Will Give You Chills

These suspenseful, creepy reads combine a late 19th-century love of grisly murder and the paranormal.

By Paola Crespo

7 Disturbing Books About Serial Killers

Get inside the heads of history's most notorious serial murderers.

By Grace Srinivasiah

A Man Hunt in Death Valley

Rick Fallon’s child died, but he won’t let it happen to another. Read about his quest for justice in Bill Pronzini's thriller The Other Side of Silence.

By The Lineup Staff

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