Paranormal Activity Reported at Ted Bundy's Childhood Home

    The phrase “Help me” was scrawled in sheetrock dust on a basement floor...

    A contractor hired in 2016 to remodel the childhood home of infamous serial killer Ted Bundy claims that something—or someone—spookily warned his crew to walk away from the job.

    Casey Clopton, the contractor, initially had no idea about the home’s sinister history. Still, he says he suspected something was up when his 11-year-old daughter visited the site and immediately burst into tears, stating the place felt “weird.” A week later, Clopton said, a demolition crew leader had a similarly instant reaction of panic.

    From there, Clopton reported that workers’ cellphones and other devices repeatedly shut down suddenly or even got unplugged.

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    In addition, Clopton said that, at least twice, he discovered the phrases Help me” and “Leave” scrawled in sheetrock dust on a basement floor and a bedroom window, respectively.

    In order to finish the task in theoretical peace, Clopton says he wrote Bible verses on the walls and brought in a pair of clergymen to read scriptures and bless each room individually.

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    Photo Credit: Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office

    Clopton told a reporter, “I’m not one to believe a lot of this stuff, but this house made me a believer … Everything in that house fought us.”

    Only after talking to neighbors about the residence did Clopton and his team discover that sadistic psycho Ted Bundy spent his formative years inside the very walls they were rehabbing.

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    Real-estate broker James Pitts III admits he originally didn’t disclose the Bundy connection on purpose, noting, We made sure to keep quiet initially because we weren’t sure how people would react to knowing a serial killer lived there.” Pitts also backs up Clopton’s claims of supernatural happenings, stating: “It was really eerie, but really neat.”

    At some point in the past year, an anonymous buyer picked up the residence for $335,000. It’s not known if the purchaser is aware of the house’s notorious previous occupant … but perhaps, one way or another, they’ll find out.

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