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9 of the Scariest Movies You Can Stream on Netflix This July

Our latest Netflix dig unearths sinister get-togethers, southern-fried homicide, scuba-diving nightmares, and more.

Now that you’ve streamed these and these (all of which are all still available; thank you, Netflix gods), move on to our next batch of holy hell-raisers.


1. Europa Report

netflix scary movies europa report

Still from Europa Report via Magnolia Pictures

Houston has a problem: It sent a team to investigate life on an icy moon of Jupiter, but all that’s left of the mission is creepy found footage. Award-winning director Sebastian Cordero’s modern space odyssey plays out like an intense news broadcast—with cosmic imagery worthy of NASA’s feed and a terrifying story worthy of your queue.

2. From Dusk Till Dawn

netflix scary movies from dusk till dawn

Still from From Dusk Till Dawn via Miramax

It takes a serious suspension of disbelief to buy Quentin Tarantino as the trigger-happy brother of a tattooed George Clooney, but we highly recommend revisiting this pulpy fetish flick. Written by Tarantino and directed by Robert Rodriguez, From Dusk Till Dawn is half hostage thriller, half vampy nightmare, and a whole lotta fun. P.S. Rodriguez used green blood to dodge an NC-17 rating.

3. The Invitation

netflix scary movies the invitation

Still from The Invitation via Gamechanger Films

One of the best genre films of 2016 thus far is Karyn Kusama’s dinner party thriller that ratchets up the suspense with each passing course. Combining sinister intention with a side of suspicion, this simmering flick will keep you guessing until its final minutes.

4. Cape Fear

netflix scary movies cape fear

Still from Cape Fear via Universal Pictures

Classified as a crime thriller, Martin Scorsese’s remake of the 1962 Gregory Peck gem may be better suited for the horror genre. Sure, it skips on the gore. And, no, there aren’t any rubber monster masks. But there is Max Cady, a recently released rapist who tracks down the attorney who helped put him away for 14 years. Just try to sleep afterward.

5. The Iceman

netflix scary movies iceman

Still from Iceman via Millennium Films

Real-life family man-turned-ruthless hitman Richard Kuklinski was convicted for five murders, though legend has it he was responsible for somewhere between 100 to 200 killings. Even though the actual death toll remains a mystery, the actor playing Kuklinksi in this bio-crime thriller is spot on: Michael Shannon stars as Kuklinski, and his icy performance will send chills down your spine.

6. The Killer Inside Me

netflix scary movies killer inside me

Still from Killer Inside Me via IFC Films

Casey Affleck drops the all-American good boy routine to play a depraved Texas sheriff who turns some of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars—Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba—into road kill. Affleck plays Lou Ford, a psychopath hiding a violent obsession beneath his 10-gallon hat. While we’re all about the shock and awe, we should warn you that severe graphic violence lies just around the bend.

7. Scenic Route

netflix scary movies scenic route

Still from Scenic Route via Vertical Entertainment

This warped buddy horror starring Dan Fogler and Josh Duhamel is a cautionary tale for anyone looking to hit the road this summer. About a pair of best friends who turn against each other once they become stranded in the California desert, the film wrestles with the choices we make and the bloody consequences that follow.

8. Open Water

aquatic horror movies open water

Still from Open Water via Plunge Pictures LLC

So The Shallows is turning out to be the must-see genre hit of summer. Hot girl, hungry fish, adept director—that’ll do it. But if you prefer to wade in murky shark-infested waters from the comfort of your own couch, then you should queue up this indie gem. About a couple of tourists who get left behind on a scuba outing, Open Water is a waking nightmare. Scarier still? It’s based on a true story.

9. The Guest

netflix scary movies the guest

Still from The Guest via ArtAffects Entertainment;

Mumblegore director Adam Wingard invites you to make nice with The Guest, a genre-hopping thrill ride that begins with a soldier visiting the family of a fallen comrade. It’s the kind of movie that plays better the less you know. What we can tell you is that Wingard borrows from genre favorites, utilizes an ‘80s Goth electronic soundtrack, and puts one amazing scream queen, Maika Monroe, front and center.

Still from "The Invitation" via Gamechanger Films

Created on 13 Jul 2016

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