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6 Facts You Need to Know About the New Horror Movie “Rings”


The creepy franchise of cursed clips, submerged secrets, and the black-haired, spider-walking queen of our nightmares returns this week. Rings hits theaters Friday, February 3rd. Are you ready for another trip down the well? Here are six facts you need to know about the new horror movie, Rings. 

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1. Forget VHS, Samara has gone viral

That’s right, the wrath that was once unleashed when one watched an old videotape is now available in convenient mp4 format. The film’s protagonist, Julia, gets concerned when her boyfriend, Holt, begins exploring the dark mythology surrounding a certain strange video. Julia must eventually sacrifice herself to save Holt: by watching the video herself. This time around, the video is transmitted via email, as an attachment from an unknown sender. As with flicks like Unfriended, Sickhouse, and Smiley, it seems the Ring franchise has entered the techno-horror age.

2. It’s a new chapter. Not a prequel

Despite early chatter about Rings serving as a prequel to Gore Verbinski’s 2002 entry, The Ring, the new horror flick is actually set 13 years after Rachel clung to a lifeless Samara in the bottom of a well. Good thing, too, because The Ring was pretty much a prequel onto itself, unraveling the twisted story that led to the curse of the killer tape. Also exciting: Rings apparently contains a movie-within-the-cursed-movie that no one has ever seen before.


3.Verbinski, Nakata, and Watts are gone

Say hello to F. Javier Gutierrez, a relatively unknown filmmaker, though you may recognize him as the director attached to the Crow reboot. His leading lady, Matilda Lutz, is also a fresh face. Friday Night Lights’s Aimee Teegarden and The Fifth Wave’s Alex Roe costar, with a cameo from Daredevil’s Vincent D’Onofrio. Should make for an interesting cast. As for screenplay, Rings went through a few drafts, courtesy of David Loucka (Dream House), Jacob Estes (Mean Creek), and Akiva Goldsman (I Am Legend).


4. It’s been a long journey to the big screen

Rings was originally set to hit theaters in November 13, 2015. It went through several different release dates before the one we finally have now: February 3, 2017.

5. Samara Morgan is a contortionist

Seriously. That’s no CGI. That’s a real person bending her limbs into unfathomable positions. Perhaps you remember the super creepy well scene in the second American installment, with Samara spider-walking up a stone wall. That was performed by actress and professional contortionist Bonnie Morgan. And it was that scene that landed her the role of Samara in Gutierrez’s reboot.

6. There are motherf*cking Rings on a motherf*cking plane

No one is safe in this film—not even at 30,000 feet. Our J-horror-inspired ghost has somehow found a way to air her deadly film on a plane, with each passenger haphazardly unleashing the terror by watching said film from their seat-back screens. Our major nightmare is now officially a reality.

Samara will crawl back onto the screen in Rings this Friday, February 3.

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Feature still from "Rings" via Paramount Pictures

Created on 01 Feb 2017

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