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If you're fascinated by true crime like we are, then this is the giveaway for you. The Lineup is giving away two outstanding books about famous cases to TEN lucky winner! From examining the crime that inspired Meryl Streep's famous words about a dingo to uncovering why Albert DeSalvo terrorized Boston in the 1960s, these books are sure to hook you.  

In Evil Angels, award-winning journalist John Bryson explains how the the trial of Lindy Chamberlain for the murder of her infant daughter resulted in one of the most hasty and controversial convictions in Australian history due to public pressure. Edgar Award-winning book, The Boston Strangler, tells the tale of one of America's most notorious serial killers. Gerold Frank details the case, exploring why authorities were always one step behind of this vicious murderer. 

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Evil Angels

By John Bryson

On a camping trip at Ayer’s Rock, the Chamberlain family’s infant daughter disappeared in the middle of the night. Her distraught mother, Lindy, claimed she saw a dingo carry her off into the Australian outback. Two years later, their tragedy worsened when, without a murder weapon, a body, or even a motive, a jury convicted Lindy Chamberlain of killing her own daughter. The public cheered.

John Bryson, a trial lawyer and award-winning journalist, deconstructs the factors that led to a seemingly reasonless incarceration and the public attitude that demanded it. With this book, he began to sway popular opinion in the Chamberlains’ favor by discussing the failures on the part of the police, forensics team, and press.

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The Boston Strangler

By Gerold Frank

On June 14, 1962, twenty-five-year-old Juris Slesers arrived at his mother’s apartment to drive her to church. But there was no answer at the door. When he pushed his way inside, Juris found Anna Slesers dead on the kitchen floor, the cord of her housecoat knotted tightly around her neck.

Over the next two years, twelve more bodies were discovered in and around Boston: all women, all sexually assaulted, and all strangled. None of the victims exhibited any signs of struggle, nothing was stolen from their homes, and there were no signs of forcible entry. The police could find no discernable motive or clues. Who was this madman? How was he entering women’s homes? And what insanity was driving him?

Drawn from hundreds of hours of personal interviews, as well as police, medical, and court documentation, this is a grisly, horrifying, and meticulously researched account of Albert DeSalvo—an American serial killer on par with Jack the Ripper.

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Published on 5 Mar 2018