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We know you’re a true crime aficionado. But do you have what it takes to help solve a real cold case?

CrimeCon’s CrowdSolve is an immersive new experience that puts you at the heart of a real-life investigation. Hundreds of attendees gather to work alongside law enforcement officials and top-tier experts on a cold case specifically selected for the event. Together, they dive deep into the key questions that remain unanswered in hopes of reaching a breakthrough. 

This isn’t a game or a show you’d see on television—this is real. The case file is compiled and the experts are assembled. All that’s missing is you. 

The next CrowdSolve event is set to take place February 21-23, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois at the historic Hilton Palmer House. Attendees will be investigating the death of 17-year-old Kurt Sova, who died under mysterious circumstances in Newburgh Heights, Ohio in 1981. 

In anticipation of this once-in-a-lifetime event, we joined forces with CrimeCon for a giveaway you do not want to miss! One lucky winner will receive two tickets to CrowdSolve Chicago, a one-year subscription to The Lineup’s Creepy Crate, and a $150 travel voucher. 

What are you waiting for, detective? Enter today. 

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About the Kurt Sova Case

crimecon crowdsolve kurt sova

Seventeen-year-old Kurt Sova lived in Newburgh Heights, Ohio, a quiet suburb due south of Cleveland. The youngest of four brothers, Kurt was by all accounts a well-behaved child who did well in school and got along with his parents Dorothy and Ken Sova. 

On Friday, October 23, 1981, Kurt met up with a friend to attend a Halloween party at a nearby duplex—but never returned home. Concerned, Dorothy and Ken searched the neighborhood for Kurt on Saturday. By Sunday morning, with still no sign of their child, the Sovas reported Kurt missing.

Three days later, on Wednesday, October 28, a trio of boys discovered Kurt’s body in a ravine some 500 yards from the duplex where the party was held. Police found no evidence of assault and eventually ruled out foul play, concluding that Kurt Sova’s death was accidental or due to natural causes. But troubling questions lingered. The coroner placed Kurt’s death 24-36 hours prior to the discovery of the body, yet Kurt had been missing for five days. What’s more, Ken Sova claimed that he searched the ravine on Monday but saw no sign of his son's body. 

The Sovas did not accept the official conclusion. They suspected foul play, citing shifting witness statements and gaps in the timeline of Kurt’s final moments. Unsolved Mysteries examined the Kurt Sova case in a November 1988 episode. In November 2019, the Newburgh Heights Police Department announced it was partnering with Tiffin University to take another look at Kurt's death. 

About CrowdSolve Chicago

crimecon crowdsolve

As a CrowdSolve Chicago attendee, you’ll join fellow citizen sleuths and world-class investigators to examine the Sova case. Retired U.S. Marshal and CNN crime analyst Art Roderick will lead the multi-day event as its Chief Investigator. Joining him will be Newburgh Heights Police Chief John Majoy, Professor Mike Lewis from Tiffin University, Kurt’s brother Kevin Sova, and more. Over the course of the event, you’ll learn forensic fundamentals from industry experts and receive unprecedented access to the original case files, poring over witness testimonies, evidence logs, and crime scene photos in the hope of developing new leads in the Kurt Sova case. 

To learn more about CrowdSolve Chicago and to buy tickets to the event, click HERE.

About Creepy Crate

creepy crate

Creepy Crate is The Lineup's horror subscription box. Every other month, subscribers receive a mysterious box packed with macabre oddities, one-of-a-kind collectibles, and truly terrifying reads. It's guaranteed to make your life a little creepier. As our winner, you'll receive a one-year subscription to Creepy Crate—that's six boxes of terror delivered straight to your door!

For full details, see official rules.

This sweepstakes is open to all legal residents of Washington, DC and every state in the United States except Rhode Island who are 18 years of age and older by January 3, 2020. Please note that because the total retail value of the prizing in this sweepstakes exceeds $500.00, legal residents of Rhode Island are not eligible to enter.

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Published on 03 Jan 2020

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