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Bones Found Buried Under School May Belong to 16th Century Pirate

The condition of the bones suggest his body was strung up to scare off other criminals . . .

By Michelle Sigona

Henry Lee Lucas: The Confession Killer

If he’s to be believed, this violent wanderer was one of America’s most prolific serial killers ever.

By The Lineup Staff

Trail of Death: The Hunt for Gary Hilton Part II

He stalked the remote hiking trails of the southern United States, leaving a trail of death in his wake ...

By Fred Rosen

Winnie Ruth Judd and the Phoenix Trunk Murders of 1931

In 1931, Winnie Ruth Judd arrived at a Los Angeles train station with some very grisly luggage in tow...

By DeAnna Janes

Trail of Death: The Hunt for Gary Hilton Part I

He stalked the remote hiking trails of the southern United States, leaving a trail of death in his wake...

By Fred Rosen

The Servant Girl Annihilator: America’s Jack the Ripper

Three years before Jack ripped through London, a madman stalked the streets of Austin, Texas, slaughtering women where they slept.

By Orrin Grey

15 Things Most People Don’t Know About The O.J. Simpson Trial

Everyone remembers the bloody glove, but do you the name of the serial killer who actually confessed to the infamous murder of Nicole Brown Simpson?

By Kara Nesvig

Who Killed the Black Dahlia?

In 1947, the butchered body of Elizabeth Short was discovered in a vacant lot outside Los Angeles.

By Adam Karlin

Man Kills and Dismembers Wife, Then Uses Her Concrete-Entombed Head to Drown Himself

Austrian authorities believe an elderly man murdered his wife, then entombed her severed head in concrete and used the block to drown himself.

By Jacquelyn Gray

Anna Marie Hahn: The First Woman to Die in Ohio’s Electric Chair

This serial poisoner lured numerous suitors to their deaths, until her toxic ways resulted in a a one-way ticket to the electric chair.

By Jamie Bogert

Deadly Love: The Mystery of the Hall-Mills Murder

Who killed the Reverend and his pretty choir singer?

By Orrin Grey

St. Aubin Street Massacre: The Benny Evangelist Family Murders

On a quiet summer night in 1929, a mystic healer and his family were slaughtered in their home by a mysterious axe-wielding killer.

By Elisabeth Tilstra

Ed Gein: The Mad Butcher of Plainfield

Ed Gein was devastated when his mother died in 1945. But he had a grisly plan to keep women in his life.

By Adam Karlin

Did Steven Avery Do It? 5 Theories About Who Killed Teresa Halbach

From Teresa's ex-boyfriend to members Avery's own family, here are five alternate theories about who killed Teresa Halbach.

By Amelia McDonell-Parry

19 Creepy Serial Killer Quotes

From the Vampire of Düsseldorf to the Killer Clown of Chicago, these creepy serial killer quotes are sure to make your blood run cold.

By The Lineup Staff

Neighbors Save 90-Year-Old Man From Brutal Knife Attack

Two Georgia residents came together to help save an elderly man’s life when they found him being attacked by a knife-wielding maniac.

By Crime Feed

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