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40+ Disturbing Serial Killers Who Will Keep You Up at Night

Lock the doors, bar the windows, and read on if you dare.

By The Lineup Staff

6 Chilling Cases of Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm syndrome is as tragic as it is complex. Victims suffer both the physical abuse of imprisonment and the severe emotional manipulation that locks them in place.

By Gary Sweeney

Death in the Valley: The Mystifying Double Murders at Wonnangatta Station

Jim Barclay was found in a shallow grave in what was the Wonnangatta Murders. Authorities suspected the cook, John Bamford, until Bamford's body turned up.

By Orrin Grey

Murder in Pasquotank County: Who Killed Nell Cropsey?

In December 1901, authorities found the body of young Nell Cropsey floating in North Carolina's Pasquotank River.

By Gary Sweeney

Blood on the Kitchen Floor: The Unsolved Disappearance of Joan Risch

In 1961, Joan Risch vanished from her Massachusetts home, leaving behind two children, a distraught husband, and a kitchen streaked with blood.

By Gary Sweeney

From College Senior to Cold Case: Who Killed Tammy Zywicki?

On August 23, 1992, Grinnell College senior Tammy Zywicki departed from the Chicago suburb of Evanston toward Grinnell's Iowa campus. She was never seen alive again.

By Michelle Sigona

A Look Back at Jack Henry Abbott, Norman Mailer’s Favorite Felon

Jack Henry Abbott was a convicted felon, serving a long stint behind bars, when he became known to author Norman Mailer.

By Mike McPadden

7 Trophies Saved by Serial Killers

Serial killers save trophies to remember their kills. Some are stranger than others.

By Jessica Ferri

The Unsolved Piano Murder of Sigrid Stevenson

When the officer finally lifted the piano's dust cover, he found Sigrid’s lifeless body stashed beneath it...

By Terri Osborne

A Look Back at Ira Einhorn, The “Unicorn Killer”

Was this peace-loving hippie really a cold-blooded killer?

By Catherine Townsend

How the Stratton Brothers Became the First British Killers Busted by a Fingerprint

A thumbprint on a cashbox led police to the murderers—and changed the course of criminal history.

By Robert Walsh

Dressed in Yellow Silk: The Grisly Mystery of Australia’s “Pyjama Girl”

Her burned and beaten body was found along a lonely country road. Who was the "Pyjama Girl"?

By Jessica Ferri

Terror at Yale: The 1998 Murder of Suzanne Jovin

Her brutal slaying electrified the community with terror, sadness, and a demand for justice.

By Mike McPadden

A Break in the Case: Was Jack the Ripper Actually Three Men?

A private investigator claims to have cracked the infamous case—and top Ripper experts are taking note.

By Jennifer Jackson

Buried in the Basement: The Strange Case of Dr. Crippen

He's one of England's most infamous criminals ... but was he actually guilty?

By Orrin Grey

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