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Memento Mori: Remembering the Dead Among Us

The dearly departed live on in this eye-popping collection of ossuaries, burial caves, and death festivals from around the world.

By Matthew Thompson

13 Gruesome Roller Coaster Deaths

These nightmarish tales of real-life roller coaster deaths will have you rethinking that summer trip to the amusement park.

By Creepy Catalog

“Granny Ripper” Accused Of Beheading And Dismembering At Least 10 People

This deadly babushka stands accused of beheading and dismembering numerous victims, then scattering their body parts all over St. Petersburg.

By Crime Feed

Ted Bundy: A Brush with Pure Evil

True crime writer Fred Rosen describes what it felt like to come face-to-face with serial killer survivor Nita Neary.

By Fred Rosen

10 Evil Doctors That Will Make You Sick

These derailed docs had an unhealthy appetite for lobotomies, blisters, and the plague. Rekindle your fear of the doctor’s office with these sickening medics.

By Kaitlyn Johnston

Human Remains Found In Car Pulled From Lake Identified As Man Missing For 43 Years

A 43-year-old cold case in North Carolina may finally be solved with a rusty, water-logged Pontiac and the human remains locked inside.

By Crime Feed

5 Bizarre Crimes Only Casinos Could Attract

The fabulous Las Vegas is a scene of optimism and symbol of glamour. But every so often, the city shows its ugly side.

By Sophie Jackson

Safe, But Not Safer: Remembering the Murder of Imette St. Guillen

In 2006, the brutalized body of Imette St. Guillen was recovered in East Brooklyn. Rob Hart revisits the case that sent shockwaves through NYC and beyond.

By Rob Hart

Ghost Hunters Find Missing Woman’s Body at Abandoned Hospital

When two paranormal researchers decided to scope out a haunted hospital in Mississippi, they found more than just restless spirits.

By Crime Feed

The Uncrackable Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript

This mysterious codex from the 15th century is written in a language no reader has been able to decode. What secrets lie locked within the Voynich Manuscript?

By Steven Casale

The Sinister Mystery of the Circleville Letter Writer

For years, the residents of an Ohio town were plagued by messages that revealed their darkest secrets.

By Stephanie Almazan

6 Murder Mysteries from the Ancient World

These grisly cases from the ancient world prove that murder runs in our bones.

By Steven Casale

The Cruel and Bloody Reign of Chile’s La Quintrala

The grisly legend of this Chilean noblewoman from the 17th century is one of brutality, lust – and last-minute redemption.

By Steven Casale

The Deadly Elixir of Giulia Tofana

This professional poisoner offered freedom through murder to women trapped in troubled marriages – until news of her toxic services leaked to authorities.

By Elisabeth Tilstra

The Pinkerton Agency: America’s First Private Eyes

Allan Pinkerton started the nation's first P.I. firm, saved Abraham Lincoln's life, and led Union spies behind Confederate lines during the Civil War.

By Grace Srinivasiah

Crazy for Murder

While working in a mental hospital, author Jaqueline Girdner heard some stories – and met a few murderers – she'll never forget.

By Jaqueline Girdner

Twin Sisters Recall Growing Up in the ‘Children of God’ Cult

They were told they would perish at age 12 as “God’s martyrs.” But Flor and Tamar Edwards are still alive to tell about their creepy childhood.

By Crime Feed

Drop Dead Gorgeous: The Scandalous Trial of Jessie Costello

In 1933, Jessie Costello was charged with murdering her husband – then beat the rap with her charm and beauty.

By Stephanie Almazan

Adnan Syed Granted New Hearing Based on “Asia McClain Problem”

Serial's Adnan Syed is one step closer to a new day in court after receiving this major break in his case for a retrial.

By Crime Feed

Panic in the Air: The Toxic Case of the Mad Gasser

Frightened citizens sealed their windows when reports of mysterious gas attacks spread from house to house. Could a mad gasser be on the loose?

By Steven Casale

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