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The Disappearance of Charley Ross

In 1874, little Charley Ross followed two strangers into a buggy and vanished from the streets of Philadelphia, never to be seen again.

By Steven Casale

The Lineup’s Creepiest Stories of 2015

From mummified dream girls to phantom killers and little houses of murder, these creepy stories still send shivers down our spine.

By The Lineup Staff

The Pendle Witches: England’s Deadly Witch Hunt Hysteria

In 1612, a fear of witchcraft swept across northwest England and sent eleven souls to their deaths.

By Stephanie Almazan

The Blood-Soaked Legend of the Gardette-LePrete Mansion

In 1836, an unsuspecting passerby entered the Gardette-LePrete mansion and uncovered a scene of unimaginable horror.

By Adam Karlin

A Miscarriage of Justice Finally Rectified

In 1964, three civil rights workers were murdered in cold blood ... and the mastermind behind it all walked away a free man.

By Fred Rosen

Who Killed Karen Silkwood?

She fought to expose the hazardous conditions of the Kerr-McGee nuclear facility—and just may have paid for it with her life.

By Grace Srinivasiah

Ravenous Spirit: China’s Hungry Ghost Festival

In the month of the hungry ghost, the dead bleed into the land of the living.

By Adam Karlin

Cold, Starving, and Alone: The Lost Franklin Expedition

In 1845, the doomed Franklin expedition set sail for the Northwest Passage, never to be seen again.

By Elisabeth Tilstra

Woman Declared Dead in 1989 Found Alive Long After Man Confesses to Killing Her

Authorities presumed Petra Pazsitka was dead after a convicted killer confessed to her murder. That is, until she turned up alive and living under a false name.

By Crime Feed

Decades-Old Murder Case Solved Thanks to John Wayne Gacy Investigation

A California murder mystery has been cracked thanks to recently released evidence from the John Wayne Gacy Jr. case.

By Crime Feed

Before Salem: The Bewitching History of America’s First Witch Hunt

Decades before the Salem witch trials, nearly a dozen individuals were put to death in colonial Connecticut for suspected sorcery.

By Elisabeth Tilstra

Deacon of Death: Sam Smithers

The community knew the clergyman as a loving husband and father, but underneath his vestment was a sex-crazed, sociopathic killer.

By Fred Rosen

Genius or Criminal? 5 Luminaries Who Couldn’t Stay out of Trouble

From embezzlement to drug busts, these creative souls had a dark side.

By Crime Feed

Jack the Rippers From Around the World

We see London, we see France, we see a Russian granny chopping up bodies with her bare hands.

By DeAnna Janes

13 Spooky & Unexplained Disappearances

From the first colonists in North Carolina to former Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa, help us solve the most puzzling vanishings in history.

By Creepy Catalog

“I Was Childhood Friends with a Cold-Blooded Killer”

Horror author Dale Bailey knew his friend Eddie was dangerous ... but he still wasn't prepared to discover the man was a murderer.

By Dale Bailey

The World’s Strangest Unsolved Airplane Mysteries

These unexplained aviation disasters still have us scratching our heads decades later.

By Yahoo! Travel

5 Cult Leaders Who Manipulated and Murdered Their Followers

These criminally-inclined cult leaders used charm and deception to amass a dedicated flock before abusing their unwitting followers.

By Crime Feed

Memento Mori: Remembering the Dead Among Us

The dearly departed live on in this eye-popping collection of ossuaries, burial caves, and death festivals from around the world.

By Matthew Thompson

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