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Nothing chills the blood like a cold case. Search through our eerie accounts of mysterious disappearances and unsolved mysteries.

21 Creepy Mythical Creatures from Around the World That Terrify

Scary creatures and legendary monsters have long captured imaginations and terrified locals.

by Audrey Webster

Day 12: Killer Book Deals

These thrilling tales deserve a top spot on your to-read list.

by The Lineup Staff

Day 11: Thrilling True Crime Book Bundles

Stock your digital shelves with these thrilling true crime bundles.

by The Lineup Staff

Day 10: 30% off a 1-Year Shudder Membership

Horror movie streaming service Shudder is offering 30% off a 1-year subscription!

by The Lineup Staff

Day 9: Immersive Mystery Experience

Crack open an immersive mystery experience produced by The Lineup team!

by The Lineup Staff

Day 8: Chilling True Crime Books

Discover your next obsession with these true crime reads.

by The Lineup Staff

Day 6: A Special Sale at Our Creepy Shop

Wrap up your wish list with these twisted goods.

by The Lineup Staff

Day 4: Horror Books Too Terrifying to Handle

Keep the scares coming all winter long with these horror books.

by The Lineup Staff

Day 3: Creepy Crate 

We have a ho-ho-horrifying holiday special just for you.

by The Lineup Staff

Day 2: Psychological Thrillers

These psychological thrillers will mess with your head.

by The Lineup Staff

Celebrate the Holidays with 12 Days of Killer Deals!

We're spreading some demented cheer this holiday season.

by The Lineup Staff

Day 1: Editors' Picks

We share what we're giving, wearing, and reading this holiday season.

by The Lineup Staff

June and Jennifer Gibbons: The Strange Case of the Silent Twins

First they turned against the world, then they turned against each other.

by The Lineup Staff

5 Extremely Scary, Recent Murder Cases You May Not Know About

These true stories of murder will chill you to the bone.

by Audrey Webster

7 Intriguing Podcasts As Addicting As Serial

Discover your next earbud obsession with these killer podcasts.

by The Lineup Staff

8 Strange, Unsolved Crimes That Are Sure to Haunt You

These chilling unsolved mysteries will give you the creeps.

by Abbey White

Carl Tanzler: The Man Who Loved a Mummy

When Elena Milagro died, Tanzler brought her back, or tried to.

by The Lineup Staff

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