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Nothing chills the blood like a cold case. Search through our eerie accounts of mysterious disappearances and unsolved mysteries.

William Hope: Spirit Photographer

He saw dead people – but only through a camera lens.

by The Lineup Staff

Tracking Down Rudolph Fentz

Is the case of Rudolph Fentz a true tale of time travel, or an urban legend too bizarre to believe?

by The Lineup Staff

American Seance: The Strange Visions of the Fox Sisters

On a cold night in upstate New York, Kate and Margaret Fox convinced their mother they could see ghosts.

by Matthew Thompson

5 Unforgettable Mobster Names

Why “The Artichoke King” ruled New York City’s vegetable scene, and so much more.

by The Lineup Staff

Alphonse Bertillon’s Shocking Crime Scene Photos

The grisly images of this turn-of-the-century criminal investigator revolutionized forensic photography.

by The Lineup Staff

Would You Haunt Your Ex?

It’s a valid question – especially if he’s the one who killed you.

by Jennifer Jackson

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