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The Greenbrier Ghost: The Spirit Who Solved Her Own Murder

Mary Jane Heaster was devastated by the mysterious death of her daughter Zona – until Zona's spirit appeared in the night to tell her she'd been murdered.

By Elisabeth Tilstra

The Couple that Kills Together, Stays Together

Meet Lavinia and John Fisher, the legendary deadly couple who makes Bonnie and Clyde look like rebellious teenagers.

By Steven Casale

The Dark History of the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital

It was New Jersey's first public mental institution – and the place where one mad doctor's brutal methods turned the facility into a hospital of horrors.

By The Lineup Staff

Murder in Paradise: Jamaica’s “Mad Doctor” Lewis Hutchinson

Jamaica's first recorded serial killer lured his victims into a private castle on the hill, where he dismembered their bodies and even drank their blood.

By Steven Casale

Margaret Morton and Kyrgyzstan’s Ancestral Cemeteries

Journey to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, where eerie monuments to the deceased line the hills.

By Matthew Thompson

The Brutal Murder that Started 9-1-1

In 1964, Kitty Genovese was stabbed and killed in her New York City apartment building, and 38 witnesses did nothing to help her.

By Nina Lassam

Most Wanted List: 7 Surprising Facts About Cannibalism

From 1500s Brazil to Colonial America and early Soviet Union, people have been partaking in the illicit – and illegal – act of cannibalism for surprising reasons.

By The Lineup Staff

Return to Leakin Park: 6 Intriguing Developments After “Serial”

ay Wilds gave a revealing interview and Adnan has been granted another appeal. But what else has happened since the "Serial" podcast ended?

By The Lineup Staff

Lady Vanishes: The Mysterious Agatha Christie Disappearance

On a cold night in 1926, Agatha Christie vanished without a trace.

By Matthew Thompson

Honest Abe’s Not-so-True Crime Tale

Three brothers are accused of murder after an Illinois man vanishes in this sensationalized true crime story penned by Abraham Lincoln.

By Abraham Lincoln

Most Wanted List: The Great Suicide Con of 1859

Midwestern drifter A.V. Lamartine traveled from town to town in search of a sucker to nurse him back to health.

By The Lineup Staff

7 Prisoners Who Found Love Behind Bars

Some relationships defy all logic. These are seven such stories.

By Steven Casale

How Not to Get Away with Murder: The Case of Ruth Snyder and Henry “Judd” Gray

Bored housewife Ruth Snyder thought she had hatched a clever plot to kill her husband – until she blundered her way through the entire thing.

By The Lineup Staff

This is the Photo That Makes Me Lock My Doors at Night

After browsing Reddit late one night, the author stumbled across an image she wished she could unsee.

By Chrissy Stockton

Little House of Murder: The Bloody Benders

In the 1870s, Kansas was settled by wholesome homesteaders – and a family of serial killers called The Bloody Benders.

By Steven Casale

The Vanishing Crew of the Carroll A. Deering: A Maritime Mystery

In 1921, the ship was spotted in North Carolina under suspicious circumstances. Days later, the crew and their belongings had disappeared – for good.

By Elisabeth Tilstra

Behind the Veil: How We Dress for Death

This month The Metropolitan Museum of Art pays respect to a century of mourning attire with the exhibition Death Becomes Her.

By Jennifer Jackson

What’s the Real Story Behind Edgar Allan Poe’s Death?

Was it alcoholism, rabies, or a violent election day scam? More than 160 years later, the burning question remains: What killed Edgar Allan Poe?

By Matthew Thompson

Killer Ink: Decoding Russian Criminal Tattoos

Get up close and personal with Russian gangsters and their intricate – and meaningful – body art.

By The Lineup Staff

Crime and No Punishment in Prohibition-Era New York

Author and Prohibition-era expert Michael Mayo finds the ghosts of mob bosses past in modern-day New York City.

By Michael Mayo

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