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Time Travel Hollywood-Style with ScenePast App

A new look at scenes from old films Scarface, The Birds, and more.

By The Lineup Staff

5 Sinister Thrillers Just like Nightcrawler

These American psychos of the silver screen are sure to creep you out as much as Jake Gyllenhaal's twisted Lou Bloom.

By DeAnna Janes

Criminal Case: Truly Addictive Virtual Sleuthing

Get your detective fix from the comfort of your couch with this wildly popular crime-solving puzzle game.

By The Lineup Staff

7 Spooky Movies to Binge Watch for Halloween

Zombie hordes or bloodthirsty vampires? Get your chills with these creepy fright fests streaming now.

By The Lineup Staff

4 November Movies Better Than The Hunger Games

A true crime indie, a period piece that cracks the code, a foreign drama with mysterious undertones, and a thrill ride through Columbia's drug trade.

By Jennifer Jackson

Ghostwriter’s Tragic Backstory Revealed

It was the only mystery the team of kid detectives never figured out.

By Jennifer Jackson

The Next Great American Crime Story

TV show creator Ryan Murphy announced his next project: an inside look at the O.J. Simpson trial. What famous true crime case should he tackle next?

By Jennifer Jackson

The Drag Queen Did It

Kiss Me, Kill Me, a new Kickstarter-funded murder mystery, reimagines the classic whodunit with a West Hollywood twist.

By The Lineup Staff

How We’d Populate Gotham

After three weeks of watching the slick, new comic book prequel, we're ready to re-cast a few key roles.

By Jennifer Jackson

Serial: The Addictive New Crime Drama Podcast

Say hello to your latest listening obsession.

By Matthew Thompson

Think Like a Catfish

Because Internet sleuths shouldn't get to break up your online "relationships."

By The Lineup Staff

6 Gillian Anderson Roles Worth Falling For

As Hannibal's therapist, a British detective, and the mysterious Miss Havisham, she wows us every time.

By The Lineup Staff

Partners in Crime

From Natural Born Killers to Heathers, here are the top six couples who know being bad is always more fun when you have someone to share it with.

By The Lineup Staff

9 Solid Reasons to Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It’s all about this cast of quirky cops and their one-liners.

By The Lineup Staff

Sherlock: The Network Gives Good Game

This puzzle solving game app puts Benedict Cumberbatch in the palm of your hand.

By The Lineup Staff

Watch List: Hinterland

Fancy your detective swaddled in a wool jumper?

By The Lineup Staff

Which Famous Ghost are You?

Find out if you're a fast-talking Beetlejuice, a happy-go-lucky Casper, or an emo Moaning Myrtle.

By The Lineup Staff

Watch List: Fargo

It’s grislier than its big-screen inspiration – and that’s only one of the reasons you won’t be able look away.

By Jennifer Jackson

A Song for a Serial Killer

John Wayne Gacy plays muse to Sufjan Stevens in this haunting melody.

By Jennifer Jackson

Pony Boy’s “The Murder Ballad of Carrie Lee”

This country-rock tune was inspired by the murder spree of Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate.

By The Lineup Staff

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