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On the hunt for a killer read? Join us as we track down the best scary books, horror books, and true crime books around.

Unsolved Murder: Did Alaskan Serial Killer Robert Hansen Kill Beth van Zanten?

Though Robert Hansen admitted to murdering seventeen people, Beth van Zanten was not one of them.

by Leland E. Hale

Just How Easy is It to Slip Into the Darkness? 

In Ruth Rendell’s psychological thriller, the paths of three lost individuals converge with deadly results.

by Sarah Mangiola

[CLOSED] Win a New Horror Book from Author J.D. Horn

"The King of Bones and Ashes" combines the occult with Gothic horror to bring readers a terrifying novel of witchcraft and intrigue.

by The Lineup Staff

The Little-Known Serial Killer Who Murdered 23 Men

Ronald J. Dominique, dubbed the Bayou Strangler, went on a decade-long murder spree in rural Louisiana.

by Olivia Mason

Did Dr. Sam Sheppard Murder His Wife?

Most doctors are known for the lives they save. Sheppard is remembered for the life he was accused of ending.

by The Lineup Staff

Richard Chase: The Serial Killer Who Drank the Blood of His Victims 

In the late 1970s, the "Vampire of Sacramento" brutally murdered six people in less than a month.

by Olivia Mason

12 Creepy Kids Books That Scarred Us for Life

These darker tales intended for children are guaranteed to give you nightmares.

by Jessica Ferri

[CLOSED] Enter to Win Signed Copies of Kitty Genovese and Absolute Madness by Catherine Pelonero

Here's your chance to score two true crime books from the bestselling author.

by The Lineup Staff

25 Books About the World’s Most Famous Serial Killers

From the never-caught Zodiac Killer to charming-but-deadly Ted Bundy, there’s always more to the story.

by Sarah Mangiola

A Death in White Bear Lake: The Child Abuse Case That Led to Murder

The suspicious death of Dennis Jurgens wasn’t properly investigated for 20 years.

by Sarah Mangiola

[CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: Dark Masterpiece The Room, by Hubert Selby

Enter for a chance to win a terrifying book that places you in the mind of a disturbed killer.

by The Lineup Staff

And Then There Were None: The Family Annihilator Who Killed for Attention

Did Jack Barron kill his entire family to gain sympathy from others?

by Olivia Mason

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