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Mexico – Episode 1

To say we relish a good mystery is an understatement. With each episode, The Lineup Podcast unearths a new set of strange cases from around the world.

By The Lineup Staff

6 Mystery Books for All Breeds of Dog Lovers

Sleuth and snuggle with 6 of the most popular dog breeds you can find in mystery books.

By Matthew Blackburn

5 Best True Crime Books That Will Give You Night Terrors

You won't want to go to sleep after reading these disturbing tales of murder.

By Nina Lassam

TLU Excerpt: Mañana, by William Hjortsberg

An American hippie’s life is upended by a gang of ex-cons in this mind-bending trip through late-sixties Mexico.

By The Lineup Staff

Authors of the Emerald Isle

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a lively set of Irish scribes as they discuss the rich tradition of storytelling in Ireland.

By The Lineup Staff

6 True Crime Tales from Ireland

It’s not all rolling hills and peaceful seaside villages on the Emerald Isle.

By Elisabeth Tilstra

Midnight in the Emerald Isle

Author Ken Bruen is your guide to Ireland's dark side in this killer video about Irish crime fiction.

By The Lineup Staff

The Ghosts of St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery

Inside the hallowed halls of this 18th century church, the restless souls of the past still haunt the pews.

By Hans Holzer

What Really Scares You?

These authors write about murder for a living – but what happens when you spend too much time inside a killer's head?

By The Lineup Staff

When Psychic Visions Lead to Murder

If you dream about a crime the day before it happens, does that mean you can be held responsible?

By Nina Lassam

Why Do Ambulance Chasers Get a Bad Rap?

Medical malpractice lawyer and thriller author Andy Siegel probes the world of botched medical care.

By Andy Siegel

6 Stories for Edgar Allan Poe Fans

Young writers create creepy hommages to the original master of horror.

By Jennifer Jackson

TLU Excerpt: The Last Madam, by Christine Wiltz

She was the glamorous madam of New Orleans' most decadent brothel – until the long arm of the law came pounding at her door.

By The Lineup Staff

Mad Max Meets WWIII

Fly the post-apocalyptic skies with a Zen fighter pilot in Mack Maloney's rip-roaring Wingman thrillers.

By The Lineup Staff

10 Best Places to Read Crime Fiction in Brooklyn

The (formerly) mean streets of Brooklyn are now the best place to read crime novels set in the New York City borough.

By Kyle Davis

TLU Excerpt: The Garden of Martyrs, by Michael C. White

In 1805, Marcus Lyon was traveling the Boston Post Road when he was brutally murdered.

By The Lineup Staff

A Sherlock Holmes Novel Without Sherlock

Author Anthony Horowitz's latest novel, Moriarty, puts Holmes's greatest nemesis under the magnifying glass.

By Otto Penzler

Living Large: A Second Helping for Detective Nero Wolfe

The detective gourmand lives on in the novels of author Robert Goldsborough, the authorized heir to Rex Stout's beloved Wolfe Mysteries.

By The Lineup

TLU Excerpt: As Far As You Can Go, by Lesley Glaister

Cassie and Graham thought they'd gotten lucky with a new job in the Australian Outback, but their new employers aren't quite what they seem.

By The Lineup Staff

TLU Pick: Jimmy the Stick, by Michael Mayo

This hardboiled mystery set in New York City mixes Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler styles with historical characters thrown in for good measure.

By Rob Hart

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