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Dim the lights. Explore our terrifying collection of ghost stories, haunted places, and eerie encounters with the other side.

London’s Ancient Outcast Graveyard

Step inside the Cross Bones Graveyard, London's mass burial ground for prostitutes, beggars, and thieves.

by Matthew Thompson

Elmer McCurdy: The Outlaw Mummy of Oklahoma

The mummified corpse of an Oklahoma outlaw shows up 60 years later as a funhouse prop in this creepy tale of life after death.

by The Lineup Staff

9 Strange Graves from Around the World

From Père Lachaise in Paris to Brooklyn's Evergreens Cemetery, join us as we unearth the extraordinary stories behind the stones.

by Matthew Thompson

Freaky Harvest: The Lost Ritual of Thanksgiving Maskers

Top off your meal with these creepy vintage snapshots of America's forgotten fall harvest custom.

by The Lineup Staff

The Haunted Sanzhi UFO Houses

Explore the strange history of Sanzhi Pod City.

by Matthew Thompson

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