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Dim the lights. Explore our terrifying collection of ghost stories, haunted places, and eerie encounters with the other side.

13 Authors Who Died in Spectacularly Gruesome Ways

Who knew writing was such a dangerous profession?

by Renata Sweeney

The Mummy Museum of Guanajuato

Looking to add a dash of the macabre to your vacation? Visit the Mummy Museum of Guanajuato, where over 100 shockingly well-preserved corpses are on display.

by Elisabeth Tilstra

Hoia-Baciu Forest: The Bermuda Triangle of Romania

In the heart of Eastern Europe is a mysterious wood notorious for UFO sightings, disembodied screams, and the inexplicable burns left on those who enter.

by Elisabeth Tilstra

Most Wanted Reading List: The Defleshing Death Rites of Ancient Italians

In Prehistoric Italy, ancient inhabitants stripped the flesh off their dead, broke up the carcasses, and mixed the bones with animal remains.

by The Lineup Staff

Journey to the Island of the Dolls

Welcome to Mexico's eerie Island of the Dolls, where decomposing toys dangle from the trees in honor of a dead child's spirit.

by Matthew Thompson

Most Wanted Reading List: 10 Very Bizarre Victorian Deaths

Crushed by a coffin? Chewed alive by psychotic cats? There were plenty of weird ways to die during the 1800s. Here are 10 of the strangest Victorian deaths.

by The Lineup Staff

Most Wanted Reading List: Photobombed by a Teen Ghost

The Davison family thought they were just spending a sunny day at a local swim hole. Little did they know a teen ghost was trying to make her presence known.

by The Lineup Staff

The Haunted Villa of Maisons-Laffitte

The restless spirit of an emperor's mistress refuses to leave her sprawling mansion in this eerie tale from France.

by Hans Holzer

Most Wanted Reading List: How to Get Admitted to a Victorian Asylum

Sun stroke? Jealousy? Dog bites? Discover the surprising reasons why patients from the 1800s ended up in a West Virginia insane asylum.

by The Lineup Staff

8 Truly Haunted Churches

From the headless spirit of a famous actor to the restless ghost of Woodrow Wilson, these sacred sites have a dark side.

by Steven Casale

8 Creepiest Korean Urban Legends

Words of caution about plastic surgery, cockroach facials, and hailing cabs.

by Michael Koh

Top 9 Famous Graves to Visit Before You’re Buried 

These celebrity burial sites give a new meaning to life after death. 

by Grazia Rutherford-Swan

12 Haunted Hotels from Around the World

Spend the night at these eerie inns, where the restless spirits of murder victims and suicidal lovers still roam the halls.

by Steven Casale

London’s Ancient Outcast Graveyard

Step inside the Cross Bones Graveyard, London's mass burial ground for prostitutes, beggars, and thieves.

by Matthew Thompson

Elmer McCurdy: The Outlaw Mummy of Oklahoma

The mummified corpse of an Oklahoma outlaw shows up 60 years later as a funhouse prop in this creepy tale of life after death.

by The Lineup Staff

9 Strange Graves from Around the World

From Père Lachaise in Paris to Brooklyn's Evergreens Cemetery, join us as we unearth the extraordinary stories behind the stones.

by Matthew Thompson

Freaky Harvest: The Lost Ritual of Thanksgiving Maskers

Top off your meal with these creepy vintage snapshots of America's forgotten fall harvest custom.

by The Lineup Staff

The Haunted Sanzhi UFO Houses

Explore the strange history of Sanzhi Pod City.

by Matthew Thompson

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