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9 Haunting American Ghost Towns You Can Visit—If You Dare

These supposedly empty towns are actually filled with ghosts of past residents.

10 Bizarre but Great Horror Movies You Need to See

These weird horror movies flew under the radar, but they’re worth finding.

The Bloody Reign of Countess Elizabeth Bathory

Countess Bathory tortured villagers, mutilated her servants, and according to legend even bathed in their blood.

The 10 Scariest Tunnels in the World

The famous haunted Sensabaugh Tunnel is just one of many with sinister histories.

7 True Crime Authors Who Became Part of the Story

Writing about real crimes can carry real risks.

Day 12: Killer Book Deals

These thrilling tales deserve a top spot on your to-read list.

Date with the Devil: Paul John Knowles, the Casanova Killer

With his devilish good looks, he brought new meaning to the term 'lady killer.'

Day 11: Thrilling True Crime Book Bundles

Stock your digital shelves with these thrilling true crime bundles.

Day 10: 30% off a 1-Year Shudder Membership

Horror movie streaming service Shudder is offering 30% off a 1-year subscription!

Butch DeFeo: The Killer Behind “The Amityville Horror”

The haunting may be fictionalized, but the horror was real for the DeFeo family.

Day 9: Immersive Mystery Experience

Crack open an immersive mystery experience produced by The Lineup team!

Who is Charles Luther Manson? 8 Little-Known Facts About Manson’s Real Family

Charles Manson’s children tried to escape their father’s gruesome legacy.

Day 8: Chilling True Crime Books

Discover your next obsession with these true crime reads.

Day 6: A Special Sale at Our Creepy Shop

Wrap up your wish list with these twisted goods.

Day 5: Killer Book Deals to Die for

Peruse a selection of killer book deals.

Day 4: Horror Books Too Terrifying to Handle

Keep the scares coming all winter long with these horror books.

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