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Cold Case: The Somerton Man

He's one of the most famous figures in Australian history ... only because police can't figure out who he was or what happened to him.

Hands Up! 10 Heists that Netted Millions (and Billions)

These schemes promised millions – so long as the perpetrators could get away with it.

Think Like a Catfish

Because Internet sleuths shouldn't get to break up your online "relationships."

6 Gillian Anderson Roles Worth Falling For

As Hannibal's therapist, a British detective, and the mysterious Miss Havisham, she wows us every time.

Welcome to The Lineup!

Your mysterious and thrilling home away from home.

When Outlaws Become Inlaws

Find a new claim to fame by uncovering black sheep in your family tree.

The Ultimate Mystery Genre Vocab List

How to keep your Marlowe separate from your Miss Marple

How to Spot the Psychopath in Your Office

Better watch your back in the break room.

Partners in Crime

From Natural Born Killers to Heathers, here are the top six couples who know being bad is always more fun when you have someone to share it with.

Get the Mole!

How CIA agent Sandra Grimes took down the traitor in her own organization.

Inside Surrey County Asylum

A Victorian psychiatrist photographs his patients with haunting results.

12 Killers From Death Row and Their Eloquent Last Words

John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and H. H. Holmes wax poetic from death row.

Find Your Next Great Read … on Twitter?

Follow 11 tweeps who love a good mystery as much as you do.

Blasts from Crime Scenes Past

Photographer Marc A. Hermann mashes vintage snaps with their current-day scenes.

9 Solid Reasons to Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It’s all about this cast of quirky cops and their one-liners.

William Hope: Spirit Photographer

He saw dead people – but only through a camera lens.

Sherlock: The Network Gives Good Game

This puzzle solving game app puts Benedict Cumberbatch in the palm of your hand.

Tracking Down Rudolph Fentz

Is the case of Rudolph Fentz a true tale of time travel, or an urban legend too bizarre to believe?

Watch List: Hinterland

Fancy your detective swaddled in a wool jumper?

Which Famous Ghost are You?

Find out if you're a fast-talking Beetlejuice, a happy-go-lucky Casper, or an emo Moaning Myrtle.

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