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Kaena Point: Hawaii’s Leaping Point to the Spirit World

Journey to Oahu’s westernmost point, where according to Hawaiian legend souls leap into the afterlife leaving only the echo of their voices behind.

Eternal Vacancy: 5 Abandoned Resorts From Around the Globe

From the eerie mountains of northern Italy to the haunted shores of the Black Sea, the only guests of these deserted retreats are the ghosts of the past.

9 Incredible Corpses That Never Decomposed

From frozen Arctic explorers to incorrupt saints, the eerily preserved bodies of these long-lost souls refuse to leave the physical world.

Hart Island: The Big Apple’s Mass Burial Ground of Unknown Dead

Unearth the eerie history of Hart Island, a massive cemetery off the coast of New York City where over one million souls are entombed in unmarked graves.

The Uncrackable Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript

This mysterious codex from the 15th century is written in a language no reader has been able to decode. What secrets lie locked within the Voynich Manuscript?

6 Murder Mysteries from the Ancient World

These grisly cases from the ancient world prove that murder runs in our bones.

The Cruel and Bloody Reign of Chile’s La Quintrala

The grisly legend of this Chilean noblewoman from the 17th century is one of brutality, lust – and last-minute redemption.

Poveglia: Italy’s Island of the Damned

Set sail for Italy's most haunted isle, where the wails of restless souls still echo in the night.

Panic in the Air: The Toxic Case of the Mad Gasser

Frightened citizens sealed their windows when reports of mysterious gas attacks spread from house to house. Could a mad gasser be on the loose?

Kiss of Death: The Bloody Case of Béla Kiss

This Hungarian fiend lured dozens of women to his village home with promises of love – then strangled each victim and pickled their bodies in metal drums.

Eternal Beauty: The Death Mask of L’Inconnue de la Seine

The enchanting death mask of an unknown Parisian woman finds life after death as the inspiration to countless writers, painters, and artists.

The Acid Bath Murderer of England

John George Haigh took the plunge into murder when he knocked out his old boss and dumped the body into acid – then set out to kill again.

Sawney Bean: The Hannibal Lecter of Olde Scotland

Meet Scotland's legendary cannibal killer, who along with his ravenous cave-dwelling clan dined on the flesh of 1,000 victims.

The Werewolf of Bedburg

In 16th century Rhineland, something – or someone – was slaughtering villagers by the glow of the full moon.

The Couple that Kills Together, Stays Together

Meet Lavinia and John Fisher, the legendary deadly couple who makes Bonnie and Clyde look like rebellious teenagers.

Magdalena Solís: The Blood Drinking High Priestess of Mexico

Cult leader Magdalena Solís convinced illiterate villagers she was a reincarnated goddess – then slaughtered her dissenters in brutal blood sacrifices.

Murder in Paradise: Jamaica’s “Mad Doctor” Lewis Hutchinson

Jamaica's first recorded serial killer lured his victims into a private castle on the hill, where he dismembered their bodies and even drank their blood.

8 Truly Haunted Churches

From the headless spirit of a famous actor to the restless ghost of Woodrow Wilson, these sacred sites have a dark side.

7 Prisoners Who Found Love Behind Bars

Some relationships defy all logic. These are seven such stories.

Little House of Murder: The Bloody Benders

In the 1870s, Kansas was settled by wholesome homesteaders – and a family of serial killers called The Bloody Benders.

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