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15 Books for Fans of “American Horror Story”

As we await Season 7 of "American Horror Story", we’re filling the void with books similar to each freaky season of the show.

These Killer Cousins Terrified the Hollywood Hills

In the 1970s, two cousins murdered 10 women over four months in Los Angeles.

The One, Tiny Mistake That Finally Took Down The Night Stalker

Serial killer Richard Ramirez was meticulous when it came to covering his tracks ... until his final attack in 1985.

What Making A Murderer Didn’t Tell You

Prosecutor Michael Griesbach takes on naysayers and sets the record straight as he re-examines the controversial Steven Avery case in his new book.

Who Really Killed Dr. William Chapman?

His houseguest was convicted of the murder. But evidence against the doctor’s wife tells another story.

Why Did 17-Year-Old Christine Paolilla Murder Her Best Friends?

The high school outcast found happiness when two popular girls befriended her—and then she murdered them.

The First Killer Caught Using DNA Evidence

In 1983, a small town in England was dubbed the “Village of Fear” after a man raped and murdered a 15-year-old girl. The case would be left open until technology caught up four years later.

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