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Sarah Jane Harvey and the Creepy Case of the Mummy in the Cupboard

When Ms. Harvey's son finally opened the door, he was met with a grisly sight...

A Haunting at Caledonia Mills: The Chilling Case of the Mary Ellen Spook Farm 

What strange, supernatural force drove this family from their home in 1922?

The Ghosts of Sauer Castle

On a hill in Kansas City rests a crumbling mansion with a sinister reputation.

The Devil’s School: The Most Haunted Place in Jacksonville

According to one popular legend, the janitor used to take students down into the boiler room where they were burned alive.

In Cold Blood: The Brutal 1959 Murder of the Walker Family

Could the two men behind the infamous Clutter family murders have killed the Walkers as well?

Curse of Death: Albert Shinsky and the Ringtown Valley Hex Murder of 1934

Albert Shinsky was convinced that Susannah Mummey, known as the Witch of Ringtown Valley, put a curse on him ... and the only way out was murder.

Christmas Eve Massacre: The Italian Hall Disaster of 1913

Were sinister forces behind the holiday tragedy?

Death in the Valley: The Mystifying Double Murders at Wonnangatta Station

Jim Barclay was found in a shallow grave in what was the Wonnangatta Murders. Authorities suspected the cook, John Bamford, until Bamford's body turned up.

What Is the Truth Behind the Terrifying “Bitterroot Footage”?

Is this eerie video a viral stunt? Or something far more sinister?

Horror in Nova Scotia: The Great Amherst Mystery and the Possession of Esther Cox

They watched in terror as the demonic writing appeared above her bed: "Esther Cox, you are mine to kill."

Horror in Cornwall: The Legend of the Cornish Owlman

A monster, like a devil, flew up through the trees and disappeared behind the church.

Buried in the Basement: The Strange Case of Dr. Crippen

He's one of England's most infamous criminals ... but was he actually guilty?

Death By Fire: The Unsolved Case of the Rock Island Railroad Wreck of 1894

It was one of the the largest instances of mass murder in Nebraska ... and remains unsolved to this day.

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