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9 Strange Graves from Around the World

From Père Lachaise in Paris to Brooklyn's Evergreens Cemetery, join us as we unearth the extraordinary stories behind the stones.

Alfred Packer: The Maneater of Colorado

This grisly tale of survival will have you grabbing an extra bag of granola next time you hit the trail.

Who is the Poe Toaster?

For years, a mysterious man appeared at Poe's grave in the dead of night. Who is he and will he ever return?

Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?

The victim of a brutal murder mystery lives on in grafitti messages scrawled across Europe.

Post-Mortem Photography: How the Victorians Remembered Their Dead

Grieving families soon took up the new technology to create everlasting mementos of the dearly departed.

The Haunted Sanzhi UFO Houses

Explore the strange history of Sanzhi Pod City.

Serial: The Addictive New Crime Drama Podcast

Say hello to your latest listening obsession.

The Secret Code of Spies

Tune in to eerie radio frequencies not meant for civilian ears.

American Seance: The Strange Visions of the Fox Sisters

On a cold night in upstate New York, Kate and Margaret Fox convinced their mother they could see ghosts.

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