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Beware the Doll-Master and His Terrifying Collection

One boy's obsession takes a sinister turn in Joyce Carol Oates’s award-winning short story collection. 

New York’s Haunting and Forgotten North Brother Island

Set sail for North Brother—a forgotten island in the midst of the Big Apple.

Norway’s Greatest Mystery: The Isdal Woman

The mysterious death of Norway's Isdal Woman continues to transfix investigators across the globe.

Memento Mori: Remembering the Dead Among Us

The dearly departed live on in this eye-popping collection of ossuaries, burial caves, and death festivals from around the world.

Sick Rose: Disease and the Art of Medical Illustration

Get up close and personal with the grisly art of medical illustration in this stunning collection of nineteenth century prints.

Journey to the Island of the Dolls

Welcome to Mexico's eerie Island of the Dolls, where decomposing toys dangle from the trees in honor of a dead child's spirit.

Margaret Morton and Kyrgyzstan’s Ancestral Cemeteries

Journey to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, where eerie monuments to the deceased line the hills.

Lady Vanishes: The Mysterious Agatha Christie Disappearance

On a cold night in 1926, Agatha Christie vanished without a trace.

What’s the Real Story Behind Edgar Allan Poe’s Death?

Was it alcoholism, rabies, or a violent election day scam? More than 160 years later, the burning question remains: What killed Edgar Allan Poe?

London’s Ancient Outcast Graveyard

Step inside the Cross Bones Graveyard, London's mass burial ground for prostitutes, beggars, and thieves.

8 Burning Questions about Serial

The true crime drama podcast may be over, but our investigation is just beginning. What puzzling detail left you stumped?

Secret in the Streets

For decades, strange plaques called Toynbee tiles have appeared like crop circles throughout the cities of the world.

9 Strange Graves from Around the World

From Père Lachaise in Paris to Brooklyn's Evergreens Cemetery, join us as we unearth the extraordinary stories behind the stones.

Alfred Packer: The Maneater of Colorado

This grisly tale of survival will have you grabbing an extra bag of granola next time you hit the trail.

Who is the Poe Toaster?

For years, a mysterious man appeared at Poe's grave in the dead of night. Who is he and will he ever return?

Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?

The victim of a brutal murder mystery lives on in grafitti messages scrawled across Europe.

Post-Mortem Photography: How the Victorians Remembered Their Dead

Grieving families soon took up the new technology to create everlasting mementos of the dearly departed.

The Haunted Sanzhi UFO Houses

Explore the strange history of Sanzhi Pod City.

Serial: The Addictive New Crime Drama Podcast

Say hello to your latest listening obsession.

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