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9 Chilling Serial Killer Books You Need to Read Now

Get up close and personal with some of the world's most ruthless killers.

Murder at McDonald’s: A Heist Goes Horribly Wrong

In 1992, McDonald's employee Derek Wood’s plan to steal cash from the fast-food restaurant's safe ended with a body count.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Enter the Twisted Mind of a Criminal

This story is so disturbing, its author couldn’t read it for 20 years.

Ruth Ellis: The Last Woman Executed in England

"It was obvious that when I shot him, I intended to kill him."

The Lineup Recommends: Creepy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This Father’s Day, we’ve found five cool gifts for the dad in your life who likes to keep it creepy.

The Spooky Ruins of Georgia’s Central State Hospital

It was once one of the largest insane asylums in the United States ... now it lies in ruin.

Ghosts of War: 8 Haunted War Memorials

The battles may be a part of history, but the ghosts of war linger on.

Til Death Do Us Part: The Mausoleum of Mary Reed

Jonathan Reed couldn’t bear to be separated from his wife ... so he moved into her tomb.

Heads Will Roll: 8 Restless Ghosts of the Tower of London

Numerous ghosts haunt the blood-soaked grounds of London's infamous fortress, searching for justice ... or their missing heads.

Peg Entwistle: The Ghost of the Hollywood Sign

Nothing . . . not even death . . . could keep her from her Hollywood dreams.

Portrait of a Killer: 6 Chilling Jack the Ripper Theories

Who was the man (or woman) behind history's grisliest unsolved murder?

6 Horrifying Movies That Scarred Us for Life

From zombie cats to evil clowns, join us on a traumatizing walk down memory lane.

The Witch: The Movie That Terrified Stephen King

This freaky flick may be set in 16th century New England, but it's as terrifying as any modern horror you'll encounter.

6 Books to Satisfy Your Making a Murderer Obsession

Netflix's killer new true crime docudrama is highly addictive. But where do you turn once you've binge-watched all 10 episodes?

10 Most Terrifying Ghost Stories and Paranormal Novels

Reader beware: These eerie tales of cursed houses and restless souls are guaranteed to terrify.

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